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Newsletter No. 740
A Look Back At 2016
28th December 2016

Another year of many ups and downs. But more ups than downs. There were two films made about me. One, by Ninah Spindler, dealt with the Sunday dinners. It is a little gem. The other is a major under-taking by Ece Ger. The film, entitled Meeting Jim, is a feature length portrait. The four people involved – Ece Ger, Marta Moslw, Gigi de la Torre, and Oguzhan Akalin – all met here at a Sunday dinner. Ece and Oguzhan are from Istanbul. Marta is from the South of Spain. Gigi is from Havana, but lives in New York City. The film was a fun experience. We five were together from late July to early September in Paris, London and Edinburgh. Ece is busy editing it in Istanbul and the film will be ready early in 2017 in a rough cut to send to various film festivals.

I also had a new book published. Entitled World Citizen at Home in Paris. Thanks to Martin Belk and Napier University. Johnny Pryce did the cover photograph. It was released during a Book Festival session at the Edinburgh Festival and all audience received a free signed copy thanks to Napier University. The session was delightfully chaired by Peggy Hughes. The book is dedicated to my beautiful grand-daughter, Ina (who I insist upon calling Mimi). Napier University have acquired my archives.
Another high point of the year was the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition of London in the 60s. I was an exhibit. Two chairs in the middle of the exhibition had me in one and a sign behind me that stated “Talk to a Survivor of the 60s” and many people did stop and talk to me. I was in the chair for approximately two weeks. I am sorry that I did not keep a list of all those who did stop and chat. I remember one fellow from China (who attended Edinburgh University) who is now an English teacher in South China. A really excellent fellow. The V & A exhibition was organized by Geoffrey Marsh and Victoria Broaches. Elisa Bailey looked after my needs while I was at the V & A and she has become a good friend.

  Jim Haynes, World Citizen at Home in Paris

The Sunday dinners continue. We are now in our 38th year and rapidly approaching 200,000 guests. So many great cooks including Cathy Monnet, Mary Bartlett, Antonia Hoogewerf, Galina Prokhorova, Evgenija Demnievska, Stella Manukyan, Molly Hiatt & Patricia Scherer. And guests. So many guests. Stash Pruszynski came from Warsaw to celebrate his birthday here once again. Many guests including Natalia Shkola, Michael Kellner, Toby Gough, Steven Ullman, Susie Parker, John Flattau, Martin Belk, Johnny Pryce, Steve Gove & Mirek Romaniv, Bar Zalel, Chantal Schlacher, Alexandra Buijsman, Joanna Poddolska and her beautiful daughter Sara Plocka and many many others.
Fewer trips this year but once again attended the Prague Fringe Festival where I performed Getting to Know You two times. The Edinburgh Festival this year was my 60th. So many good things including meeting and seeing several times the wonderful Christine Bovill. Also Isabelle Georges and Frederik Steenbrink had a superb show. And I discovered Michael Griffiths and his wonderful show about Cole Porter. It was also great to introduce Bobby Yarra to the Festival. And to share it with Antonia Hoogewerf and Susie Parker (and her fella, Denver).
All the above were high points. Not really many low ones. I missed the San Sebastian Film Festival because I was busy at the V & A.
Many projects for 2017. The main one is Morag Fullarton's Casablanca – the Gin Joint Cut which Steven Ullman and I are trying to produce off-Broadway in early 2017. (We are still seeking investors if anyone of you would like to participate.)
Another project is the film, Dietrich Songs, which Jack Henry Moore and I attempted to launch at the Cannes Film Festival back in 1992. The late great Dr. Moore did a fantastic job of editing. Jack died in a Paris hospital the 2nd of April in 2014.

What will 2017 hold? Like everyone, I am worried about the political swing to the Right. But incurable optimist that I am, I feel sure all will be OK. I still have Diabetes 2, but the medical care one gets in France is perhaps the best in the world. (I was just recently four days in the Hospital Cochin for tests.) I missed seeing Camille O'Sullivan at the Edinburgh Festival in August. But did see her recently at the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris (with Seamas McSwiney and Paul Allman & Mary Bartlett) and we dined with her afterwards. What a gal! There were two exhibitions here recently. One was a group show with Stella Manukyan, Anna Lord, Victoria Ardouard and Kieran Banks. The 2nd show was recent paintings by Roza Nazipova.
I feel sure I have left things out, but this will be it for now. Next year is going to be even better...
I hope to see you all at some point. Maybe for the opening of Casablanca in New York City!


Jim Haynes
December 2016

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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