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Newsletter No. 79
19th February 1985


Well, gang, we made it thru 1984 with few mishaps. Looking back, I can say it was one of my better years. Faber & Faber published my autobiography, Thanks for Coming!, in Britain in February and in America in March. I spent a delightful three weeks in London, Oxford, Glasgow, and Edinburgh seeing friends and making publicity for the book. Thanks to all at Faber, it was a fun and successful launch. (The latest royalty statement indicates 7,000 copies have been sold over the first eight months. You would do me a great service if you would purchase a copy or two. I will try to return the favor, of course, in some way. Thanks.)

Together with Randy Koral and John Strand, we unleashed a new literary quarterly,"Paris Exiles", on the 18th of December. It was greeted with stunned silence - which is better than jeers. Jaco Groot wrote from Amsterdam that he was "very impressed". You can be as well. Simply send 30 francs for a copy. Handshake Editions continues. Yianna Katsoulos' Powdered Punch published in October. Handshake also participated first Paris Small Press Book Fair on the 4th of January organized by Carol Pratl. Carol also publishes "Sphinx" and is organizing "a literary trip to Russia" this coming autumn.(Tentative dates: 28 Sept-6 Oct. I plan to go. Why don't you join us?) Handshake also plans another Saturday at Atelier A2, probably the 30th of March from Noon to 7pm at which time you can purchase books, drink wine and tea, and meet friends. Another literary event in March worth noting in your agenda: Bill Levy reads at the Village Voice on the 7th at 7pm. And last item in this paragraph, "The Cassette Gazette", our audio magazine, goes into production once again. Imput and orders welcomed. (Ten bucks per issue please.)

My friend and associate, Jack Henry Moore, has installed some of his video activities in my basement. (Along with a recently purchased high speed audio cassette printer.) Jack returned from a visit to Sony (with Tom Woods) and brought with him Sony's new Video 8 camera and recorder. It is fantastic! Sony have produced another winner! So I suppose we'll produce "The Video Cassette Gazette" on this new format - the size of an audio cassette. ( Input and orders welcomed.)

I was in Amsterdam last week for the first "Hooker's Ball" in Europe. It was organized by Margo St James, an old friend, and Gail Pheterson, a new friend. The two of them plus help from Margo Alvarez of De Rode Draad and many others created a Congress of Whores - with prostitutes from some ten countries. After two days of meetings and another day with the world's press, a number of projects evolved. First, an international association has been formed to demand decriminalization of all aspects of adult prostitution as well as better treatment generally. The Ball was wonderful! There are plans for another Congress and Ball next year - either again in Amsterdam or in Paris. As much as I love Paris, I vote for keeping it based in Amsterdam! Maybe let's have the Bail next year on a large boat. No matter where it will be, don't miss.

The second semester begins next Tuesday for me. Happily I will have my classes only on Tuesdays, so lots of time to travel and to receive you. I hope to attend the Cannes Film Festival (8-20 May) and stay once more in the Regence Hotel. Then there is the Lahti Writers Conference in Finland (17-21 June) and afterwards I plan to jump over to Lenningrad for a few days,then maybe to Warsaw. It looks like another trip to the USA this July to see my papa and friends. And I hope to be in Edinburgh for another Festival (11-31 Aug). I should stay in Paris in September until I fly to Moscow with Carol and some 15 friends. Of course October means another Frankfurt Book Fair and Warsaw "Jazz Jamboree". Damn it, I still want to go to Budapest. Maybe sometime this Spring...

This newsletter is being typed on an Olivetti electronic machine and I must say I find it exciting . Now all I need is for Sony to develop a small printing press so I can do the printing myself and not have to do it outside. Oh me, I see we are near the end of this page. Ok, over...

Margie Clay departed A2 for the USA. She is much missed. Corine Berrevoets, Jack and I are the principal residents, but endless visitors: Jesper Haynes, Åsa Tolgraven, Per Jutterström, Lotta Jonsson and Tore Håkanson from Sweden; Kyle Roderick and Michael Montes over from Brooklyn; Don Loeb flashed thru from Eastern Europe and now home in Seattle; Rosemary Curb visited us from Winter Park, Florida. (Her book, Lesbian Nuns, to be published in the USA next month.) Cynthia van Oerle left yesterday; Berti Sperber and her fella, Gert,left this morning. And of course the Sunday dinners continue and are as wonderful as ever. We are packed every week and I often must painfully refuse friends. There is just not enough space here. Jack and Corine cook most of the time (on our new Swiss catering stove). But many others also contribute their skills: Cathy Sroufe made one of her desserts recently, Paula Klein made multi-colored cake; Thomas Convey prepared Indian curry; Isabelle Morange killed us with a La Reunion dish. (Austin has written an article about Paris "salons" and our Sunday night dinners were praised highly... 0h me...)

Two of my "daughters" recently married: Cathy Sroufe to Yves Monnet on the 1st of December and Pascale Brenas to Jean-Francois Gallet. Hip,Hip!

I love sweaters! Especially hand-knitted ones! Jili Diamond made one for me when she was in prison in Rennes. Ulli Lindenmann has knitted 3 for me (and several for Jack). Now I have a new one from Brigitte Diekmann. And Birgitta Jansson sent me a T-shirt from Stockholm. Hooray! Thank you ladies! Now come and visit and let me take you out to dine.

Another wonderful woman, Belinda Subraman, is publishing "Gypsy". Two excellent issues out to date. (Write her at Kappelbergsteig 29, 8540 Schwabach, West Germany for contributions, subs, etc..) I love her!

During my recent trip to Amsterdam, I stayed with Bill Levy and Susan Janssen and their wonderful daughter, Swaantje Alice. 0f course I fell in love immediately with Little Swan - as surely does everyone who sees her. Amsterdam is so great! 0f course it was cold, but so what. It is always a joy to walk about. I visited Harko Keijzer, Bert De Groot, Manijke Bartels and Jenny DeVries in their new publishing house in the Keizersgracht. Their venture is called Contact. (Only the beautiful Caroline Van Tuyli was not there during my quick visit.) I also had a quick visit with Jan Meng in the Athenaeum Bookshop - surely one of the best in Europe. Alas I did not get to see lots of people I wanted to see because it was such a quick trip. But I did have ice cream in the American Hotel (and met Jacqueline Kluiver) and dinner one evening in the Tandoor Indian Restaurant with Bill Levy (and we met Donna Peavey and took her to the Ball with us.) I missed another appointment with Jaco Groot. I wanted to see Jan DeVaal but he was in Berlin. (And I met Kiki Tholen in my train compartment on my way back to Paris.) I talked on the telephone to Petra Lugtenburg and reported to her that Paris radio aiready playing her new lp and it is released today. Petra is a wonderful singer and I look forward to hearing the lp in Paris soon! Henk Smitshoek and I managed to share some minutes together. Dear pals in Amsterdam, I am so sorry that we did not get to spend time together.

We are almost to the end of another newsletter. I hope you enjoy them. I do like producing them and sending them out to you and getting your letters and news and visits. Not sure how much more I can cram into this. "Paris Exiles" organized a reading recently at Village Voice Book shop with Kathy Acker, Edward Limonov and Bernard Henri Levy. Seamas Mc Swiney videotaped it for our archives. (Seamas and Jack also taped Claudine Weinfeld and Kevin Beachem doing an A2 comedy evening. OK, I will bring this one to a close. There is a possibility that I will organize an evening, perhaps the 31st of March is a good date, in the basement of La Coupole. Instead of an A2 dinner that Sunday, we can all gather in our finest attire (coats and ties for fellas) and dance and dance. (I had such a good time at the Ball in Amsterdam! ) So what do you think? Feedback please. . .

Layne Jackson and I go to Leonard Cohen's concert this week.

OK, this is the end for now.

Love, Jim



Jim Haynes
19th February, 1985

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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