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Newsletter No. 737
What is in store for 2016
10 January 2016

It looks like 2016 will be a blast. Hard to see how it could be better. It looks like we have an academic home in Edinburgh and for my archives, and a new opportunity to teach some and do events. Some 60 (and counting) boxes of papers, photographs, newsletters, etc have been shipped to Edinburgh. Formal announcement will be forthcoming.

Then there is the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition in London. The V&A exhibition dates: the 10th of September 2016 to the 26th of February 2017. This major exhibition will examine the optimism, ideals, and aspirations of the late 1960s, expressed through music, fashion, film, design and political activism, and their relevance to contemporary life. I will play a major role in the show. It is being organized by the same team that organized the recent David Bowie exhibition, Geoffrey Marsh, the Director of the Department of Theatre and Performance, and Victoria Broackes, Head of Exhibitions. After a period of time in London, the exhibition will move to New York City, Montreal and San Francisco. All very exciting.

I plan to travel almost as much as I did in 2015 - to Steve Gove's Prague Fringe again in May, to Edinburgh in August for my 60th Edinburgh Festival and to the San Sebastian Film Festival in September. I would also like to travel to New York City for the off-Broadway production of Morag Fullarton's wonderful production of Casablanca - the Gin Joint Cut. But until we have enough money, this is on hold. We need a total of $100,000. I think this is an excellent investment because I feel it will run forever. New Yorkers will love it. Anyone wish to invest $10,000 or more?

Another book is scheduled to come out this year. Tentative title is Trips and/or How I Came to Dine with Vladimir Putin. Again Martin Belk will be my publisher. Not sure if we will launch it at the Scottish Arts Club or not in August. I also have a wee play up my sleeve entitled Getting to Know You which I might produce at the Prague Fringe or the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

More book news: Dear friend, Martin Walker, has another Bruno novel due out this summer. He and his wonderful wife, Julia, won World Cookbook of the Year Award last year and German Cookbook of the Year award as well. Another friend, Alan Furst, is also about to launch a new thriller. And my dear neighbor, Susi Wyss, has had her autobiography accepted by a Swiss publisher and it will come out soon in English. Another friend, Cara Black, will unleash another mystery murder in Paris soon as well.

Health: one's most important resource. I still have diabetes 2 and I still have my two nurses, Estelle Pilade and Barbara Engrand, who come every morning to check on me and to give me an insulin injection. French medical care must be the best in the world. Thanks to Antonia Hoogewerf and to Robin Baker, I am also seeing Dr. Michel Marre, who is one of the world's authorities on diabetes. Claude Zeitoun continues to monitor my heart condition. And I have Doctor Marie Benedicte Stang to check on my kidneys condition. The stupid fall I had the 22nd of December still causes me a great deal of pain, but I have been assured that it can only get better. I sure as hell hope so. Dr. Frank Slattery continues to look after me.

The Sunday dinners continue. But I might do them only twice a month. We shall see what unfolds.

Recently a friend, Cynthia Payne, died. She was known as the 'Lunchen-Voucher Madame'. I send a short item to the Obituary Section of the newspaper, The Guardian, in which I suggested she should be given a posthumous OBE for all the joy she brought to the world. Not sure if it was published or not. She was a wonderful human being.

I just heard today that David Bowie has recently re-joined his ancestors. Before he became world famous, he used to rehearse in my Arts Lab theatre in the mid-60s. He used these facilities at no charge to him. He even met Lindsay Kemp in the Arts Lab, who was to become a major influence in his life and career. Sometime in the 1990s, I asked him for some financial help with a theatre project in Paris. He refused.

Visitors: There will always be visitors here at Atelier A2. Thanks to Airbnb, there is a constant flow of delightful guests. Right now as I write these words, a lovely couple from San Francisco, Leah & Eric Millstein, are here. And the wonderful, Natalia Shkola, is here for four days and promises to come again in February. John Flattau plans to journey again to Paris soon. Also Johnny Pryce and Martin Belf are scheduled to come and stay.

I hope that we shall cross paths in 2016 - either here in Paris, or in London, or in Edinburgh, or somewhere on this crazy planet. May all your dreams come true. Let the deserts bloom. Let everyone find love, maintain health, and be happy. Life is too quickly over to be sad or ill.


Jim Haynes
January 2016

Atelier A-2
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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