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Newsletter No. 726
Summer 2014 report
July 2014

First I have to tell you that I am alive and kicking. Alas the same cannot be said for three of my friends: Jack Henry Moore, Charles Marowitz, and Felix Dennis. Jack died of cancer of the liver in a Paris hospital the 2nd of April, aged 73. Charles died on the 2nd of May in Agoura Hills, California of complications with Parkinson's disease, aged 82. Felix died the 22nd of June, aged 67. RIP, dear friends.

I have been busy all year on dozens of projects. Associate producer of the hit Edinburgh Festival production of Morag Fullarton's Casablanca - the Gin Joint Cut, here in Paris in the Dejazet Theatre for eleven wonderful performances. Assisted by Frederik Steenbrink, Come See Entertainment, the show was loved by all who managed to see it. With two of the original actors from the Edinburgh production, Gavin Mitchell and Clare Waugh, they were joined with Barnaby Power. Now I am busy trying to launch it in the USA where I suspect it could run forever. It is a lovingly disrespectful homage to the classic film. Does any of you reading this wish to help me get it produced in New York?

Next came the celebration of the 80th year since Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer was published in Paris. The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur co-organized a week long celebration of events in association with Shakespeare & C° Bookshop. People traveled from far and wide to participate. Rhonda & Al Rose roped me in and I helped obtain Chez Jenny (next to the Theatre Dejazet in Place Republique) where we had a feast in every sense of the word on the 8th of May. John Calder, Henry Miller's British publisher, and I, who managed to meet Henry at the 1962 Edinburgh Festival Writers' Conference which was organized by John Calder, Sonia Orwell and yours truly, said a few words about Henry. I managed to sell about a dozen copies on my book, A Homage to Henry. It was great to see old friends (John Calder, Sheila Colvin, Mary Duncan, Adrian Leeds, Katy Masuga) and to meet new friends (Magnus Toren and his lovely wife, Mary Lou, Steve Doyle).

There has been a small Spanish invasion with about half a dozen coming from Madrid: Isabelle Stoffel, Sigfrid Monleon, Javier Lafuente, Michel Rebollo, Jonas Trueba. Jonas wishes to shoot some scenes for his next movie here in my atelier in September. The lose plan is to get Sigfrid to cook and the rest of us with sit around the table and gossip while the camera rolls. Jonas wants me to talk about my book, Workers of the World, Unite and Stop Working! To be continued.

The last two days of July will find me in Amsterdam where I will attend a Frederik Steenbrink/Isabelle Georges concert in the Concertgebouw. They will sing Broadway songs backed by a large symphonic orchestra and a jazz band. It promises to be a fun evening. I will attend with Antonia Hoogewerf and Alexandra Buijsman. I also hope to spend some time with old friends Susan & Bill Levy and Eddie Woods. Dear friends Elisabeth & Jaco Groot are away on a Greek Island, so will not see them.

I am currently busy preparing a new edition of my participatory autobiography, Thanks for Coming! The new edition, which is tentatively renamed Thanks for Coming! Encore!, will contain lots of new material. My publisher, Martin Belk, will also publish a number of my books, including Everything Is!, Round the World in 33 Days and maybe Homage to Henry. The original Thanks for Coming! was published by Faber & Faber in London in 1984. This new edition is scheduled for publication in August in Edinburgh. Needless to say, I am very excited. At the moment I am busy writing, rewriting, and correcting proofs. We welcome your orders.

The Sunday dinners continue and the last one is the 3rd of August. They will re-start the 31st of August. Last night Danette St Onge cooked a delicious Thai dinner, assisted by Thomas Moors. Everyone present was greatly pleased. It is just possible that there will be a Sunday dinner again in the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh in early August to coinside with the publication of Thanks for Coming! Encore!

August promises to be busy. I depart Paris the 5th of August for London via Eurostar. Two nights in London and my annual co-hosting (with Ernie Eban) of a Khan's take-away Indian dinner. Then it is another short train ride up to Edinburgh where I will stay this year in the small and delightful Hotel du Vin. I will stay almost three weeks. My old friend, Ennio Marchetto, is performing in the Pleasance and he will be my first theatre outing. I think that UNESCO should declare Ennio a World Heritage Site. I will also attend the Book Festival and the first performance will be dear friend, Angela Bartie, talking about her book, The Edinburgh Festivals... (I am also proud to announce that Angela has a new position in the History Department of the University of Edinburgh.)

I have so many friends in Edinburgh that it will mainly be a social three weeks of dining and drinking. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Book Festival, to all in my old theatre, the Traverse, to seeing Bill Burdett Coutts and all at the Assembly, to Ricky Demarco, Robert McDowell, Rupert Thomson, San Gough and all at Summerhall and of course, Karen Koren, Joyce McMillan, Keith Bruce, Neil Cooper, Martin Burke & Ruth Holloway, Mona Shea, Stephanie Wolf Murray, Astrid Silins, and oh so many others.

My flatmate for the past three years is returning to California. Kristi McIntosh did not get her French visa renewed. Her plans are very much up in the air. I will miss her in many many ways, especially her great salads. She is the greatest salad-maker in the world. I will back her in any salad making contests.

John Flattau was here recently for two whole weeks. Always a joy. We dined in Fish with the beautiful Susie Parker, in the Turkish restaurant in Montreuil with John Calder & Sheila Colvin, in Zimmer with the fantastic Paula Klein. If he does not go to Cuba in September, he is talking about coming to Paris again.

Dear friends, Paul Allman & Mary Bartlett, were here for their Spring visit. Mary cooked a number of Sunday dinners that were all greatly appreciated. I think my favorite is her 6 hours roast pork dish. She and Paul went off to attend Steve Gove's Prague Fringe Theatre Festival and I think they said that they managed to see eleven shows. They thought is was in every way wonderful. I really must go next April. I await their return to Paris from their home in Portland, Oregon in the autumn when I hope she will take charge of the Thanksgiving turkeys once again. (I just received an email mesage from Mary. She will over-see the Thanksgiving feast once again. Hooray!)

The autumn season will commence with a bang. Frederik Steenbrink and Isabelle Georges will launch their new revue, Chante!, in the Theatre Dejazet the 28th of August. I am organizing a party for the opening night. Please come and join me. (I think tickets will cost about 25 Euros.)

Martin Belk spent over a week in my atelier and organized the shipping of 40 or more boxes of my papers to Edinburgh. It looks like they will end up in the National Library of Scotland. He managed to find a number of "lost items" including a letter from Supreme Court Justice Douglas and a carbon of my letter to Sylvia Beech, but her reply is still missing. In her reply, she says that my letter to her was one of the best she had ever received and the reason being "I did not mention James Joyce"...

Have a divine summer everyone. I hope to see you all in Paris in the autumn.



Jim Haynes
July 2014

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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