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Newsletter No. 719
Summer 2012 Update
20 July 2012

This is a "special" newsletter to let you all know that I am still here and in top form... thanks largely to the wonderful French medical services. To explain: disaster struck again this year in April when it was discovered I have diabetes. Now two nurses visit me daily to test my sugar levels and to give me insulin injections. Barbara and Estelle alternate coming at 7.30 in the morning and 4.30 in the afternoon. Vive la France! It is so wonderful to be living in a civilized country.
So, in spite of all this, and because of all this, I am living every minute to the maximum.

Plans: I will travel to London on the Eurostar the 7th of August with my dear friend, Ernie Eban. Probably we will co-host an Indian take-away dinner that same evening in his home. Then one or two days later will continue by train up to Edinburgh (where two friends, Roza Nazipova and Astrid Sillins have both declared their wish to meet my arrival.) Three weeks celebrating Life at another Edinburgh Festival. Both John Calder and I are Guests of Honor at this year's Book Festival. John & I co-organized (with Sonia Orwell) the 1962 International Writers Conference and this year's Book Festival will be celebrating that event.

Friends, Angela Bartie and Eleanor Bell, have co-edited a book entitled The International Writers' Conference Revisited: Edinburgh 1962 (published by Cargo) to further celebrate this event.
And to add cream to all this, on the 22nd of August I will be cutting the ribbon to a statue that will honor my bookshop, The Paperback. Once again I will stay with friends, Ruth Holloway and Martin Burke, in their delightful Great King Street flat. Then it is travel to Paris in September to re-launch the Sunday dinners, the world's longest running dinner party.

  Click here to buy the book!
The book by Angela Bartie and Eleanor Bell, Cargo Publishing, available here

Friends: Three friends are publishing books that are worth calling to your attention:

Alan Furst's new novel, Mission to Paris, is one of his best.

Cara Black has published about a dozen novels all set in a different arrondissement in Paris and all are a fun read. Our home gallery will celebrate Cara and her books with an exhibition that will open shortly. She was recently awarded the Medaille de la Ville de Paris.

Martin Walker's books are all set in the South of France, in Dordogne. Again highly recommended.


Two friends, Frederic Steenbrink and Isabelle Georges, are currently performing nightly in the Theatre La Bruyere a homage to Broadway musicals entitled Broadway Enchanté. I have been two times and plan to go many more times. I love the production. They both sing and dance and you will leave the theatre doing the same. All the people I have encouraged to attend have greatly enjoyed it. So if you are in Paris, don't miss it.

News : Some sad news, Odile Hellier's Village Voice Bookshop will close the 31st of July 2012 (on her birthday) after some thirty years of bringing pleasure to thousands. Sylvia Beach Whitman's Shakespeare & Co is still going strong. So, too, is Brian Spence's Abbey Bookshop. We will all greatly miss the Village Voice.

House Guests: Kristi McIntosh is still dwelling in my basement and is a constant source of joy. Michael Vincent has been staying here for the past few months, but will soon be returning to his home in Los Angeles to continue his formal studies. Both Michael and Kristi are great cooks and have cooked many superb meals. Michael will be greatly missed.

Visitors: Jesper recently in Paris on a flying visit to check on his papa. Natalia Shkola comes over from London about once a month to bring cheer into my life. Ernie Eban will also visit in August. Kyle Roderick Goldstone promises to visit in September. John Flattau flashed through Paris on his way to Ethiopia where he spent some time with Isaac, his son. Antonia Hoogewerf crosses from the Right Bank to cook delicious dinners. As does Evgenija Demnievska, who comes often from Montreuil. I go out to Montreuil from time to time to dine with Sheila Colvin and John Calder. Martin Walker makes this atelier his Paris base when he is between planes. Paul Allman and Mary Bartlett were in Paris for three months and returned to Portland, Oregon. They promise to come again in October. And Steve Cove will make his annual trip from Prague to Paris soon.

That's it for now.

Next year, the Traverse Theatre will celebrate its 50th birthday. But I date the founding of the Traverse to my first production in the Paperback Bookshop in August 1960.

Now send me your news. Better still, bring it...


Jim Haynes
July 2012

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
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