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Newsletter No. 70

Edinburgh Festival
2nd September 1984




"He writes about them with candor, and his memoirs are never dull ....his warmly engaging style demonstrates the inevitability (and the courage) of the direction he has taken." —Publishers Weekly



My annual summer trip to Louisiana to be with my papa. I left Paris the end of June and stayed some days in Manhattan with Monique & Jim Martin. Wonderful hosts. Managed to have a quick visit with Joan Juliet Buck, dinner with Rona Elliot & her fella Roger Brossy, lunch with John Calder, John Flattau, and spend a lot of time with Kyle Roderick. Faber USA attempt to set-up a signing party for me, but it fails to happen in Manhattan. Bump into Bill Levy in 8th Street and Ellen Stewart in St Mark's Place. Anna Köhler catches me up with her career and marriage. Call a lot of friends and get their answering machines. And see Thanks for Coming! in a lot of book stores...
Fly to New Orleans and take a taxi into St Charles Avenue. Pay the fare with a signed copy of Thanks for Coming! Michael Meade Evans again my host. See lots of friends and wander about the city. It's hot as hell, but still one of my favorite cities in North America.
Meet Jim Heckenbach and his team at B.Daltons in Canal Street and we make all the necessary arrangements for our signing party the end of July.
Attend Jacqueline Hartley's birthday fête with Amanda Hoover and meet Margarita Bergen, who runs a gallery in Royal Street. Jacqueline and I spend a delightful evening talking about Europe in Tyler's Jazz Club.
Meade drives me to north Louisiana in his red Jaguar via Natchez and Monroe.
I spend a great deal of time with my papa watching television. We would always begin the day with "The Today Show" and I would end it with "Late Night with David Letterman". And from time to time managed to escape to Shreveport to be with friends. Thank god for Francis Randall, Minette, Jackie & David Watkins, for Bill & Ann Cook. (Stephanie Wadel calls and writes from Calif and brings cheer into my life.) Papa and I watch tennis at Wimbledon(and I miss Borg) & the Miss Universe Contest (and I lust for them all and root for them all). Miss Sweden wins. She is a knockout of course, but I like Miss Philippines.
Attend rehearsals of Robert Buislick's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and we discover a mutual friend, Charles Marowitz.
Drive to East Texas and spend a day with my wonderful aunt, Mildred Almand, and with my crazy cousin, Eddie Almand and his family.
Corine Berrevoets guards atelier A2 and writes me all the Paris news. This is very important and helps me to feel connected to Europe.

Finally depart for New Orleans with David Watkins. Papa is very sad to see me go. I am too. He is very nice person. Drive south is fun. We pause to visit my cousin, Joyce, and she prepares hot meat pies for us to eat while we ride.
New Orleans again an oasis. Lu Griffin does my portrait in Bourbon Street one evening and promises to visit us again in Paris. B.Dalton have Thanks for Coming! in the window and the signing is a success. Lots of people come. A dear friend, Veronique Korenbajzer, flies in from Paris to spend a month in New Orleans and I attempt to introduce her to everyone. I spend a lot of time in The Napoleon House and meet lots of friends including Cynthia Ratcliff. Also meet Marianne Hayden Whitmore at my signing, and a friend of Amanda's: Lois Simbach. Amanda, Lois, Veronique, and Marianne and I lunch at Napoleon House after the signing.
Fly to Baltimore and sit next to Laurie Serpas, who is a body-builder. I tell her about Kyle's book in progress. (As we fly over Atlanta I think of my old boarding school, G.M.A.- now a coed school - but all boys in my day. And I think about Bijan Bassiri and Elahé who will will living there. I will miss them.) I want to stop in Atlanta, but I left their telephone number in Paris. Ugh. Silly me. Also Paige Clark is in Atlanta as well as lots of old pals from my school days... But I do not stop. Onward to Baltimore...
My old pal, Sarah Bean, collects me at the airport and takes me to Andrei Codrescu's going-away party. He joins the Literature Dept of my o1d University, L.S.U. It is our first meeting after years of correspondence. Both Andrei and the party are superb! Also present: Jane Dalrymple am Anselm Hollo. I introduced them to each other last year in Baltimore and they have been living together ever since.(We also discover that we will meet next June in Finland) Baltimore is a delight: the crab cakes as good as ever. Sarah and her fella, John McClintock, are perfect hosts.
I decide to take AmTrack to N.Y. and sit next to Diane Weinman. She searches the used clothes stores for good things to recycle.
Another week in Manhattan. Attend Sir Ali's 31st birthday party on the 31st of July. Meet Catherine Kellison and her fella, Jeffrey MacLaughlin. Catherine very kindly looked after Valentine Janin, a friend from Paris, for me.. I saw a great deal of John Flattau and his associate, Ralph Gibson.. I meet Anita d'Amico via publishing Suzanne Brøgger and Anita and I dine at Pierre Bezia's Les Douceurs de Paris and talk about my Ship University project. Try to find Betty Dodson to collect the wager I won, but cannot find her. Nor can I find Grant Taylor and many other friends. I learn that Rose Farrington is no longer with "Green Light News" - a newspaper she helped launch. Ugh! Barbara Hodes & her fella, Michael Gross, dine on TexMex food at the Cottonwood. Meet Bill Levy again and read his article on Barcelona for "High Times". Lynne Tillman proof reads it, and she and I plan to meet in Edinburgh where her film, "Committed" will be screened. I purchase Irving Stettner's book From Your Capricorn Friend, a collection of letters from Henry Miller. And spend an evening with Vickie & Andrew Makowsky talking about Irving, Kyle, Jesper, Henry Miller, and their forthcoming trip to Europe. I take my hosts, Jim & Monique, to see "The Fantastics", the musical Jack Moore & I produced once upon a time in the Traverse in Edinburgh, and it is as fun as ever. My last night in N.Y. and Monique makes a pasta dinner and lots of people eat with us: Gerard Malanga, Barbara & Michael, Vicky & Andrew, Anna Kahler, Filip Pagowski...

Home in Paris once again the 8th of August. It always feels good to be here. Lots of post and lots of messages. More T-shirts from Hans-Willem and the Bok Akademien in Stockholm. We have a big feast at Aux Artistes, one of my old favorite restaurants, and it is as great as always. But I do not stay long in Paris. Edinburgh calls. I hate to leave Paris, but I also hate to miss the Edinburgh Festival.
Newsletters 69, 70 & 71 are being produced on the lst and 2nd of Sept, straight on this very sick IBM typewriter. No rough drafts and not much planning. But at least it is happening. I will fill the remaining space with whatever items jump into my brain.
Merritt Clifton wrote a nice piece about me for the first issue of "Green Light News". Thanks, Merritt. Paula and her fella, Poni, did their street theatre performances in Avignon and Florence. I received my first royalty statement from Faber & Faber and 5,500 copies of Thanks for Coming! sold from 13 Feb to 31 March. That's not bad. Thanks to all of you out there who purchased copies.. If everyone who ever stayed in A2 or dined here purchased copies, it would be over 100,000 sales I suspect.
The Frankfurt Book Fair begins the 3rd of October and I hope to be there. My hosts, Claudia Honegger & Ulf Matthiesen, have co-produced a son, Moritz Toby.
The Warsaw "Jazz Jamboree" is from the 25th to 28th of October - four days & very late nights of music and fun. Ornette Coleman, Ray Charles, and lots of fine musicians will play. I sure do hope I can be there. My hostess last year, Barbara Hoff, is coming to Paris this month for a week's visit.
The Lahti Writers' Conference will be next 17th to 21st June, just outside the town of Lahti, Finland. Juhani Seppânen is the organizer. It will be my second visit to Finland and I am certainly looking forward to it. Maybe I will get to make my first visit to Russia afterwards. And I suppose I will make another visit to America next year to visit my papa and friends in N.Y.C., Baltimore, Louisiana, Texas, etc etc. Oh me, I see that I have reached the end of another newsletter, so please writeyour news, plans, etc. Erskine Peters departs Paris. Martin arrived yesterday.




Jim Haynes
September 1984

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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