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Newsletter No. 62
20 January, 1984

Here goes a first draft which may well turn out to be the final draft as well. After coffee and porridge this morning, something stirs in me and I hear myself thinking "it's time for another newsletter...

1983 has been terrible for two friends: Paula Klein and Jack Henry Moore. But '84 has suddenly become wonderful for Paula. She has recovered from an illness, she has a new one day a week job, a new rent-free apartment, and soon she begins to rehearse for a new play. Jack's luck hasn't begun to change yet, but there are signs indicating that maybe it will soon. Jack feels that "Big Brother watching us" isn't the problem; it is the fact that "we all are watching Big Brother" (ie TV). I agree.

In less than one month, I will be in London for the publication of Thanks for coming! Faber are giving the book a launching party on St Valentine's Day (pink invitations) and approximately 250 wonderful individuals have been invited. I wish that I could invite all of you from all corners of this mad planet of ours, but alas this is impossible. So dear friend, if you did not get an invitation, please forgive me and please understand. There is a signing party scheduled for the Village Voice Bookshop in Paris for the 29th of February and the possibility of another two : in Amsterdam (in Jan Meng's Athenaeum Boekhandel) and Stockholm (in Hans-Willem Kuijl's Akademibokhandel) sometime this Spring. Faber USA plan to launch the book in March! All of you can do me a big service: 1. Purchase the book and 2. Ask for the book in every bookshop you pass. If the bookshop has copies, you say "great because all my friends are looking for it" and if the bookshop doesn't, you say "oh this is terrible, I wanted to get copies for lots of friends! "...and 3. Tell people about the book. Word of mouth is still the best form of publicity.

The telephone rings. Heather Downs answers it and shouts that it is for me. It is my dear sweet pal, Norma Monceau. She is calling from London to tell me she is flying to Paris this afternoon to stay the weekend with me! What superb news! Norma has been in Australia, involved with movies. She did the costumes for "Mad Max 2". I know where we will be this evening : in La Coupole having a Tart a citron. I dedicate Everything Is! to Norma and Jack Moore - two dear friends. Our friendship dates from the 60's.

Speaking of 60's, Natasha Cashman has invited me to a "60's party" next week. It is also her birthday the 29th. (Germaine Greer, Ingo Harney and Antier are also on the 29th.) Lots of friends have had birthdays recently. Paula Klein and Catherine Goyhex on the 18th, Brion Gysin and Karen Faherty on the 19th, and today Victor Herbert, Billy Berger, and Federico Fellini.

More good news: Joan Juliet Buck listed by Michael Roberts as one of the ten best dressed women in the world. I agree! Rajak Ohanian has photographed an entire village, 44 people. And it is featured in this month's issue of "Photo Magazine". Maybe I can talk Ricky Demarco into hosting the exhibition in his gallery in Edinburgh. Ricky and I dined last week in La Coupole. He is in good health and good spirits... I was the "casting director" for one scene in a movie that Sarah Mondale was involved with and 20 friends (including me) earned 200 francs by sitting in a cinema for a couple of hours. Thanks Sarah! Sarah and Cathy Sroufe have finished the re-write of their movie and production should bbegin soon. Sarah, can I be an Assistant Casting Director?

The Sunday night "dinners" continue. Lots of good cooks lately including Jack Moore, Heather Downs, Barbara Steinkeller, and Peta Mathias. Peta wants to start a restaurant in Paris. She has found one she can take over, but she needs 50,000 French francs capital. If any of you wish to back her, let me know. Not only is Peta one of the world's "great ladies", she can also cook!

Dimitri Devyatkin is in my basement from morning to night editing a tape for French television. He shot 17 hours in seven Russian cities last August and now he must put together 52 minutes for FR3. I think it is going to be very very good! I am trying to help him get it transmitted in Britain, Holland...

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What do Mick Jagger, Mary Whitehouse, Norman Mailer, Lord Goodman, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Germaine Greer, Gore Vidal, David Bowie, Samuel Beckett, David Frost, Paul McCartney, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Indira Gandhi all have in common?

They all know JIM HAYNES and they are all in...

Thanks for coming! title

What do Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and UFO have in common? What were John and Yoko doing in a bag; in the Albert Hall? How did Jim meet Mary Whitehouse? What happened at dinner with Mrs Gandhi? Why did they cut Mick Jagger's Performance?
Thanks for Coming! tells (almost) all…
  Pillow talk
Could this be the most undisputable publisher's blurb of all time? "To the tens of thousands who have stayed with or talked with or slept with Jim Haynes he is simply a legend." it's from Faber and describes Haynes's autobiography, which in spite of his very active-sounding life he was still fit enough to write.


Publication Date: February 13 Price: £3.95 (Faber Paperback)
illustrated with letters, newspaper cuttings and photos

Jim Haynes personifies the sixties. From the setting up of Britain's first paperback bookshop, Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre, the London Arts Lab, International Times and Suck and the Wet Dreams Festival, he became a legend, embodying the ideals of a generation. THANKS FOR COMING! is a book for everyone who remembers those days and for those who missed out on them.

About the Author

Jim Haynes is an American who came to Edinburgh in 1956 for one year and stayed ten. He also published 'The Cassette Gazette', the first audio magazine in the early 70's; issued 'World Passports' from France and has founded several printing and publishing companies. He now teaches Media and Sexual Politics at the University of Paris.

Jim Haynes will be in Britain for publication. If you would like to talk to him, please contact:
Greg Hunt, Faber and Faber, 3 Queen Square, London WC1 Tel 278 6881


I have decided to paste up Greg Hunt's Press Release about my autobiography to end this newsletter and the small item entitled Pillow talk that appeared in the "Times" Diary the 10th of January. I hope that you will accept this indulgence. I guess that I will produce another newsletter in March after I return from my visit to Britain. Further travel plans are fermenting and may include Budapest in the Spring. I do hope to cover the Cannes Film Festival in May and to go to the USA this summer - maybe to act in Sarah and Cathy's film. Before I run out of space I wish to thank Ulli Lindenmann for the new sweater she made for me. It's perfect! Let me hear from you, your letters & visits are always a joy. Let me know how you like the autobiography. Feed-back solicited...

OK, this is it once again...

Hugs, kisses & giggles,



Jim Haynes
20 January, 1984

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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