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Newsletter No. 6
new address
June, 1973

Dear friends,

This is a special newsletter to give you my new address and telephone number. I am still in Paris, but I have moved from my old studio after almost four (delicious and delightful) years. So please note my new address right now in your address book :
Studio A2,
83, Rue de la Tombe-Issoire
74 - Paris (14me)
(Tél. : 535-37-67)
When you enter the impasse, my studio is about the second on the right. My name will be in the window and on the door, but keep an eye open for a gargoyle with a red tongue in the window. Then too, it is marked A2.

I have just returned from a quick three weeks in the USA. Trip was primarily concerned with finishing the sexual liberation book I have been working on with Jeanne Pasle-Green. Book should be in your neighborhood bookshops before next spring. Tentative title now is : HELLO I LOVE YOU Subtitle : Voices From The Sexual Liberation Front.

The Wet Dreams book is finished and available from Joy Publishing, Postbus 2080, Amsterdam, Holland. It costs $15. Bill and Willem have done a beautiful job!

The master copy of CASSETTE GAZETTE is finished, and fifteen copies have been produced. Two hours of interesting sounds. But I cannot report yet when if it will be mass produced. We still seek a backer or a distributor.

I am working with Jack Moore and Humbert Camerlo on several projects : 1) a video survey exhibition for this summer and 2) an exhibition of television attitudes to open next year.'

I am still working with Garry Davis and the World Service Authority, issuing World Passports. Still looking for my ocean liner to launch a floating university.

Speaking of Universities, in two weeks time, I will have been four years at the University of Paris et Vincennes. I don't know yet if I will be back there next year or not, but I certainly hope so because it has been stimulating and fun. It has also kept the wolf from the door, if you know what I mean.

I plan to stay as much as possible in Paris this summer, but perhaps I will make a few journeys away from time to time. I will go to Hamburg to a UNESCO Conference of experimental education the end of June. And I still want to go to Bangkok and to Japan one of these days. A few of us are talking about taking a theatre production to my friend Shuji Terayama's theatre in Tokyo this September or October. I seem to be getting more and more involved with video because of my friend Jack Moore. He has been working with video for years now, and with a group of people, they run a video cinema in Amsterdam in the Milky Way (a place very much like the old Drury Lane Arts Lab).

Attended the Cannes Film Festival again this year. The best film for me was a feature entitled WEDDING IN WHITE with an outstanding actress called Carol Kane. I highly recommend it!

I plan to start work on two new book projects, but it is premature to talk about it now. I still want to make a Directory, listing all my friends geographically and what they are into, and print only enough copies to give to each person listed. But this will have to wait until I find some spare money.

The new studio is beautiful, but alas I might have to move again in one year. But maybe not...

I send love and greetings. Now please let me hear from you. Better still, come and visit.



Jim Haynes
June, 1973

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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