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Newsletter No. 57
Spring/Summer Report
28 June 1983

Another hasty newsletter before departing from Paris next Monday, the 4th of July for two months of wandering to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Reykjavik, Manhattan, New Orleans, Shreveport, Baltimore, Toronto and then back to Paris via another Edinburgh International Festival. As always more things to report than room here, but I will see how much I can pack into this.

Edinburgh University is celebrating its 400th birthday and a few of us are gathering to hold a reunion. It is Leif Christoffersen's idea. Lots of us attended the university back in the early 60s. Not sure how many will make it, but the following have promised: Leif and Becky, David and Barbara Simpson, Jane Alexander (née Quigley), Stas and Valerie Pruszynski, Mona and Mike Shea, Sandy and Mary (Hill) Mountford, Gastrel Riley, Norman Aquilles, David and Judy (MacGregor) Steel, Emily Ann (Possehl) Dallenbach. Leif has suggested that I organize an evening at the Traverse Theatre. It will be an opening night for a new Stanley Eveling play and it will be the first time for Jane Alexander to experience the Traverse. As some of you know, I launched the Traverse largely inspired by Jane and always hoped that she would be one of the orginal actors with the theatre. I still think she should be talked into acting in a Traverse production, say for next Edinburgh Festival. (How about it?) And if my memory serves me well, I asked Stanley to write a play for the Traverse in 1962 or 63. Maybe I even asked him to write for the Paperback. Anyway the Traverse produced his first play in 1963 and many more since then. It should be an exciting gathering. Everyone has gone on to bigger and better careers since our Edinburgh days. Leif is with the World Bank; Jane is busy in films, TV, and Broadway; Stas is writing in Paris; Norman is with the State Dept; Mike is Queen E's Press Attaché plus writing novels; David is leader of the Liberal Party in Britain.

Thanks for Coming!, my autobiography, is finished and in the hands of Faber and Faber's lay-out people. I had hoped that it would be in the bookshops of the world this autumn, but it now looks like next February. (I dine tomorrow night with Robert McCrum, an editor et Faber's, so maybe I will know more details afterwards).Thanks to Fanny Dubes and Sarah Hardie the book is something that can be published (ie they cut and shaped it). But I hope to later publish the "cut" bits in Handshake Editions if Faber decide not to continue with Vol II... (If you wish to make sure of having a copy of the first edition of Vol I, send me the equivalent of ten bucks and I will see that you get a copy before it explodes onto the world.) Faber say that they will print 20,000. They think that someone is interested. I hope they are right. Still rumour has it that French, Dutch and German publishers are interested in translating it. Wow!

An endless flow of visitors to Atelier A2, some for a night, others for a month. Susan Miles stayed a long weekend and reports that she is going to start a new restaurant in Soho. She credits(or blames) me with launching her in the restaurant biz because I asked her to run the old Arts Lab bistro in Drury Lane many years ago... Martin Walker stayed here for a month, running the Guardian's office in Paris... Rona Elliot, who used to be my hostess in Mill Valley in the early 70s, dropped into Paris out of the blue to bring me up to date: she is married, living in N.Y.C., involved with music and N.B.C. (I once had a hot tub "experience" chez Rona with the late great Alan Watts. He had been drinking a bit too much, but decided to join me and another lady in the tub...). Jim and Elisabeth Bacque helped rescue me from an upset stomach ailment, then invited me to read from my collected outpourings in Toronto this coming 9th of August... Astrid von Rosen, a beautiful young dancer from Stockholm, pirouetted all too quickly through A2. Michael Hoenig, one of the great electronic musicians of our time, stayed briefly, before going on to Berlin and L.A... The Philadelphia Five (Joel Spivak, Diane Keller, Steven Keller, Edward Beckerman, Cynthia Latham) stayed some days and took Gogo and I to dine in Alcazar. Joan Juliet Buck in Paris and Europe for the summer, busy with a new book. We spent an evening together in La Coupole... Mike Zwerin preparing a Jazz tour of Africa...

Victor Herbert stayed two nights with his lovely lady friend, Susan Goldstein They plan to live in Berkeley... I met Donna Limper on the Pont Neuf then we dined at the Village Voice Bookshop café, and later she stayed in A2 for some days. (Donna and I met Mike Lindstrom while lunching and he later came to an A2 dinner. Mike is an architect with Ricardo Bofill in Paris.)... The more beautiful-than-ever Robin Cheston is visiting Paris now as I write this. Suzanne Brøgger called today from Løve, Denmark. Busy with a new book.

Pawel Brodowski, the editor of "Jazz Forum", Temasz Tluczkiewicz, the director of the "Jazz Jamboree" in Warsaw and four members of the group, "String Connection", spent one evening here in April. I still hope to go to the next "Jazz Jamboree" in October (20th-23rd). And I am still sending money and food to Poland. If anyone wishes to "adopt" someone, let me know please...

Thanks to Volker Kessler (who is now in America dancing with Roland Petit), Claire Philippart entered my life. Thanks Volker! Thanks Paula!

Vanessa Gaier and Susan Smith arrived to spend the weekend and brought me Dan Topolski's new book, Travels With My Father, which has recently been published in London. It also contains words and images from Feliks. I read it at one go and enjoyed traveling round South America with the two of them. It brought back memories of my own school days in Venezuela. Thanks, Dan...


My old pal and associate, Jack Moore, has been spending a lot of time in Paris recently and cooking, as always, great meals. This year the 18th of December is the 15th anniversary of Videoheads. This comes in a year that brings good and bad news. First, the bad news. After years of spotty book-keeping, Jack Moore and the Videoheads (an organization which gives advice, equipment and support to virtually all who ask for it) have come under fire from the Dutch tax office and from the Ministry of Culture which has for the past five years supported their activities. Letters of support for Videoheads addressed to the Ministry of W.V.C. (Welfare and Culture) in The Hague would be most helpful. And the good news, Videoheads are preparing a retrospective show, exhibition, catalogue, book and party for December 18th in Amsterdam. They hope that everyone that has had any contacts with Videoheads over the years will drop a line or come and visit so that the chronology can be as complete as possible. Also Jack Moore is most anxious to re-establish contact with everyone who fullered with or around "The Human Family" theatre group either in London or on tour. In particular reminiscences, photographs, chippings or souvenirs of that curious epoch...

I had a quick trip to London to visit Faber in early April, stayed with Ernie Eban, attended two wedding receptions (David Leitch and Rosie Boycott and David Robins with Anna Robson) the same day, spend a lot of time with wonderful Ulla Larsen, and had a delightful dinner with Hilary Davies and Jim Campbell. And a dinner one evening with Vangelis Papathanasiou. Superb!

Birthdays: Hercules Bellville and Paul McCartney the 18th of June Jack Moore, Diane Keller, and Dorota's wonderful Grandma the l9th; Lillian Hellman the 20th; Mary McCarthy, my late neighbor Francoise Sagan, and the late Jean-Paul Sartre the 21st, Baye Müller-Holtz, June MacFarlane, Harko Keyzer, Francis Randall, and Colin Wilson the 26th, today the 28th is my dentist Sylvie Daniel, my neighbor Marlene Remond, and Asa Tolgraven's birthdays. Tomorrow is Anna Köhler, Jacquetta Eliot and Prince Bernhard of Netherlands birthdays. (I met the Prince B once via Will Sandberg...) Enough, enough..

Alek Stefanovic was in Paris wjth his beautiful daughter, Alexandra. Paula dined with us. Now Paula and Alexandra are pals. Hooray! John Flattau was also in Paris just before I departed for Cannes and we managed to have orange juice together... Antonella Manfredi. and Maurits Bremmer visited... Bepe Mussotto came to report on my godson, Francesco... Yaro Stazak and Jorge Rosner visited via Monika Rosenkranz... Ted Joans plans to celebrate his birthday in Paris the 3rd of July. Like Jane Gozzett, Patricia Aiglin, and Fannie Baird, Ted's birthday is the 4th of July, but for various reasons he will celebrate it the 3rd... Ok, the space is almost over. Have a great summer. Let us meet at the Edinburgh Festival. Paula and Jesper plan to be there. Maybe Gogo too. Dorota guards A2 while I am in America. 10,000,000 hugs and kisses. Long life!

Love from Jim in Pareeee. Write me... Jim

My address from 15 July to 31st: c/o James E. Haynes, P.O.Box 872, Springhill, Louisiana 71075 (tel: 318-539-2178)

Cathy Stroufe will have a dance production at the Festival chez Demarco Gallery...




Jim Haynes
28 June 1983

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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