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Newsletter No. 5

Annual Report to Friends
December 1972

Happy 1973!!!!

NEVER CEASE TO BE IN AWE (Awe: Solemn and reverential wonder, tinged with latent fear, inspired by what is sublime and majestic in nature.) It is a miracle to be alive! Happiness is an attitude, which requires striving for. One can see unhappiness, injustice, pain, and insensitivity everywhere. One can also see smiles, tenderness, joy, love. To discover joy does not mean that pain disappears, but is helps. We must devote energy to the elimination of pain, poverty, injustice. And the point is to go beyond concentrating on what you are against, who you hate, or what you want to destroy, and begin knowing what you are in favor of, who you can love and what you want to build. The point is to make more things and more kinds of things possible. Don't waste energy knocking anyone ; be joyful and generous!

Any media available to me will be used to transmit my joy and love, but ultimately the only medium of significance is one's life. How you live and how you relate to all living creatures on this much abused earth is your political and philosophical statement. No matter what I say, or write, or sing, it is only what I do, how I live, how I relate, my respect (or lack of) for humanity and nature that matters. That is truth. I, for one, am sick of intellectuals, preachers, politicians, and pop singers telling me how to live, and they ignore their own pronouncements. Don't tell me anymore, just show me, just do it.

If you feel the world needs more smiles, smile more. If you like to see clean streets and fields, don't litter. In foot, pick it up when you see someone litter. Be an example. Care. If you have more than enough, share with others. Even if you don't have enough, share anyway.

I keep wondering if this annual report in necessary, and for me the answer is yes Friends, scattered all over, manage to send me Christmas cards with their scribbled messages of news and good cheer. This is my scribbled message to you.

1972 has been another action-packed year, full of people, projects, trips, ideas, music, poetry, love, and disappointments and pain. People are still being killed and brutalized, our environment continues to be destroyed and to suffer, and yet, and yet, I am hopeful. Good ole Pandora and her box.

The debate about media continues : does it mirror life or condition it ? Surely it does both. Therefore if less violence were portrayed, and more expressions of joy, we might move in that direction. I want to express joy and happiness this year thru my life and thru media. One movie I hope to make in entitled, "THE HAPPY MOVIE !". My seemingly never to be written opus is now entitled : "BEYOND RIGHTEOUSNESS-- IN A STRANGE KIND 0F WAY, EVERYONE IS RIGHT'. It deals with (among other things) value judgments, and why all value judgments are subjective, and why it is unimportant to argue who is right and who in wrong. We must move beyond that to some kind of modus vivendi (is a working arrangement between contending parties, pending settlement of matters in dispute). 0K ?

Many people have said/have written how much they enjoyed the second WET DREAM FILM FESTIVAL, and how sad it is we are not having another. I feel sad about it as well, but I feel even sadder about the break-up of the SUCK FAMILY. Germaine has resigned, Willem plans to depart soon for South America, Heathcote has become a semi-recluse, Jeanne is angry, Susan is tired, and Bill and I have disagreed over several matters. The fact that we have all been so far apart geographically has been the major factor. It is difficult to work together and to share a close bond of friendship and mutual respect when we are all in different cities in different countries. Not impossible, mind you, just very very difficult. Our communication system bas been a combination of unsatisfactory ESP, hurried visits, quick letters, and rushed telephone calls. SUCK 8 will end this project. Fun it has been most of the time, and important, and many people have been brought together. Maybe more joy than pain has been one result. Anyway I am proud to have been a part of it.

Still the fight for sexual freedom will go on. We have only begun to open up this territory, and ourselves. In one way, sexual liberation has nothing to do with sex per se, it is an attitude : how you feel about yourself, your own body, how you feel about people--those you know and those you don't. Smiling is making love. We must reach out more to more people. Me must hear those often silent cries for help, for love. In fact this annual report is one tiny expression of my reaching out to you, to say hello, I care for you, I hope that you are well end happy.

A BOOK A DAY KEEPS REALITY AWAY (So do movies, and dope, and schools, and ...) A small list of books and movies that have brought me joy and stimulation:

  1. I LOVE YOU, AUNT JANE, HONOR BRIGHT, and THE LESSON THEY'VE BEEN TRYING TO TEACH US ail by Tom Dunker, and are only available thru Equine Products, Box 361, Hermosa Beach, California 90254. Enclose seven dollars, my greetings, and you will get three great stories for children of all ages, then pass them on
  2. THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL BOOK by Søren Hansen and Jesper Jensen
  3. TOUCH THE EARTH by Terri McLuhan
  4. CHANGE AT SHEBIKA by Jean Duvignaud
  5. The film PART 0F THE FAMILY by Paul Ronder (78 Riverside Drive, N.Y. 10024)
  6. The film WINTER SOLDIER collectively made (M. Zivian, 1175 York Ave, N.Y. 10021)
  7. The film LAST TANGO IN PARIS by Bertolucci (alas the last 3 minutes ruin the film

and those old favorites of mine Dusan Makevejev's "W.R.--MYSTERIES 0F THE ORGANISM", Wilhelm Reich's THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY 0F FACISM, Ivan Illich's DE-SCHOOLING SOCIETY, Marshall McLuhan's UNDERSTANDING MEDIA, Postman and Weingartner's TEACHING AS A SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITY, and Germaine Greer's THE FEMALE EUNUCH.

Jeanne Pasle Green and I have co-produced SEXUAL LIBERATION INTERVIEWS AND STATEMENTS FROM FRONT LINE TROOPS to be published by Praeger, New York this year. Keep a look out for it... Bill Levy has edited a book about our two film festivals, WET DREAMS (Postbus 2080, Amsterdam)... And I will make a film with Max Fischer.



For some time now, I have been working with Garry Davis to create a WORLD GOVERNMENT. We issue World Passports, and they work ! Our passport represents the sanction of the individual, whereas the national passport represents the sanction of the nation-state. As such, our passport conforms to the right of freedom of travel as formulated in the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION 0F HUMAN RIGHTS, Article 13, Section 2. If you would like to identify yourself with Earth, write either to me directly, or to the WORLD SERVICE AUTHORITY, 4002 Basle, Switzerland for an application. (Issuing fee four dollars or equivalent, plus another dollar to help with postage costs) I am organizing a tour (April and May '73) for Garry Davis to lecture about the World Government and the world Passport in the USA and Canada, so any help that you might be able to give us on this would be greatly appreciated.

Another project that bas been talked about for some time and which I would now like to launch (literally) is the WORLD SERVICE UNIVERSITY on an ocean liner. If you know anyone connected with shipping who might like to lend, rent, lease, or give me a large ocean liner, please let me know. If you would like to join us and/or if you have suggestions, let me hear from you.

We have almost come to the end of these two pages and there is no more room to tell you so many things, about all the superb people I have encountered this year in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt/Main, London, New York, Cuernavaca, San Francisco, etc., nor about my many adventures, nor about my travel plans for '73, nor about 'teaching' experiences at the University of Paris at Vincennes, nor about the CASSETTE GAZETTE (which is really happening this year but via subscription only), nor about a beautiful lady singer from Amsterdam called MARJOL, nor about a fantastic one-woman sexual liberation theatrical performance in Paris by RITA RENOIR, nor about my trip to Edinburgh to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Traverse Theatre , nor about the ALCAZAR and the COUPOLE (I can usually be found after midnight in the Coupole), nor is there room to print here a very tender poem by Adrian Mitchell, nor to tell you about a Video Festival set for July '73 in Amsterdam, nor about my good intentions to eat less pastry and ice-cream, to keep fit, and to improve my French and Spanish in fabulous '73... No more room, but may you find much to be joyful about, and may you all sing, smile, hug, and spread good vibs. And remember making love is a profound way to say HELLO.


So hello from Jim Haynes

Jim Haynes
Decembre 1972




Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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