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Newsletter No. 44
"Remember my Friend All Things have an End."
17 September, 1981


Mary Ann Haynes

26 Sept, 1909

13 May, 1981

Home again. Three months in the USA and two weeks in Edinburgh. . . My mother did not survive a so-called routine operation. She was 73 years young. My father in shock. He did not expect it. No one ever does. I rushed to be with him. Two months to help sort out his life, to arrange his move to Louisiana and the sale of the Houston home. The parents take care of the child until it can fly, then it is the turn of the child to take care of the parents. The life cycle. So quickly over. You would have loved my mother. I did. Two sympathetic people who were mutually dependent upon each other. It is rough now for Papa.

Houston, a crazy city, if, indeed, the word 'city' is appropriate. Yet, like everywhere, it contains sensitive people and interesting places. These individuals sustained me. Thank you Dona, Steve, Carolyn, Johnny, Bill, Suzanne, Roni, Karen, Jerry, JoAnn, Juan, Mitzi, Belita, Ron, Leo, Anita, and so many others for your warmth, kindness, hospitality. And bookshops: The Bookstore (founded by Mary Ross Taylor and managed by Susan Larsen), Mary Castle's South Main Book Gallery, Marianne Williamson's Heights Bookstore, Karl Kilia's Brazos Bookstore, and The House & Garden Bookstore. And Butera's and Chaucer's, across the street from each other in an area called Montrose. People-watching and people-meeting places. When not with Papa or friends, I could be found in one or the other. And, of course, restaurants: Mexican, a very good Indian, and an outstanding Afghan.

Managed also to visit friends in Louisiana. In Shreveport dined with Bill & Ann Cook, William & Lotte McGuire, David & Glenda Newstadt; attended the opening of Lea Hall's new office building; and enjoyed Francis Randall's company, an old friend from Air Force days in San Antonio. In New Orleans stayed with Meade Evans, who seems to have discovered the Fountain of Youth. He does not age. Explored the French Quarter with Louis Saladino, and dined several times with Ann Marie and Guy Smith.

Left the middle of July for California. Met at L.A. Airport by Laura Cavestani and whisked straight away to a cutting room where Frank Cavestani was editing a delightful porn movie, produced by Humphrey Knipe and Suze Randall Suze very pregnant once again - and as beautiful as ever! (By the way, Frank give the blonde actress my address please.) Laura an outstanding hostess & guide. Jay Levin, the editor/publisher of the "L.A.Weekly" took us to an excellent Japanese restaurant. And was able to party a bit with Victor Herbert and friends.

Collected at S.F. Airport by an angel, Robin Cheston. Giggled and hugged for stop for five days. Gretchen Horton dinner in Stinson Beach - with Terri Hinte, Jon Goodchild. . Titus & Susan Patton took me to Restaurant Vietnam/ France - with Carol Shamblen and Laurie McDale. . Wandered about Mill Valley, North Beach, and Berkeley. A performance of Jeanne Pasle-Green's play for children, with her daughter, Kachina Ram performing.. San Francisco!!!!!!

Flew to Washington, D.C. and met by Sarah Bean and her lovely Marna. Sarah cooked dinner and allowed me to read several new manuscripts. She promised to send them to Handshake Editions.

Last stop in America: New York City! Stayed in the West Village (Bleeker & 7th Avenue) chez Elaine Swann (an actress, tennis-player & superb hostess).So many things happened, it is difficult to know where to begin. Bumped into Paul de Bruin in Washington Square and took him to dine with Barbara Hodes. Discovered Yoko Toda's vast loft!. Breakfasted with Maria Marin. Dinner with Moncef Sassi, Martha Ferris, and Lynne Tillman. Our wonderful waitress, Laura, like all waiters and waitresses in N.Y. busy doing creative things as well. She is a designer.. Phil Seuling cooked for us in Brooklyn, then won Fershid's and my money in a late-night 'Booray' game. An evening with Susan Roessler, my last girlfriend in America before my departure to Europe in 56. She is still wonderful!.. Breakfast and Indian dinner with Jack Moore & crew.. Lunch with Harold Willis, lunch with John Calder, dinner with Jeane Drewsen chez Peter Miranda, dinner with Irving Stettner (who edits "Stroker" magazine), Anna, Vicky & Andrew Makowsky, dinner with John Flattau in China Town. John and I attended Edinburgh University together. He now co-direct Lustrum Press.. Met Tamar, a delightful lady from Nice.. Met Maryam, Tom White, and Ali's St Bernard, Couch.. Made love in a penthouse waterbed with a beautiful woman who stopped me on the street seeking directions.. Fell in love dozens of times, esp. with a waitress at One University Place. (Why do I always fall in love with waitresses, nurses, and airline stewardesses?), America is full of beautiful women! Breakfast with Amie Baskin. (Bagels of course.) New York City is a wonderful town! Even managed to transform the 14-hour delay leaving JFK into a positive experience: I met Laurie Schill..

One can go on and on listing all the dinners, lunches, etc that made up my trip round the USA, but enough is enough. Those of you who shared your time and energy with me: thanks! It was great! Let us do it again! Paris, next.

Now home in Paris where I find your letters and messages. Sorry that I was not here to receive those of you who passed this way. Next time, I hope...

Martin Lehberger, Anna Köhler, and Ali Alizadeh watched atelier A2 for me while I was 'on the road'. Thanks, gang!

I missed Ali's & Busy's "Waiting for Groucho", but it will be re-produced soon. The original production featured Anna Köhler, Remi Stengel, Dev Taylor, Busy Petroff, Jackie Byars, Lucy Hooberman, Bruno Depieds, Ali, and others.

I also missed Stuart Sherman's "Hamlet", with Jack Moore as one of the many Hamlets. It too will be re-produced soon in Paris.

Half of Paris seemed to be in Sicily this summer: Cathy Sroufe, Lisa Markisson, Jane Gozzett, Gustave Lanzaro... Lucky Bepe!... Dominique Ferry was given a free ticket to Hong Kong and the Phillipines. . Lucky Duna!

Alles Ist, the German-language edition of Everything Is!, published in my absence. Thanks, Raymond! It looks great! Now I must get it out in English and French this autumn.. More HANDSHAKE news: A third edition of Mike Zwerin's Broken Up and Dances due out next week. Also a new enlarged edition of my Homage to Henry Miller. As soon as my financial situation gets a bit better I plan to launch Handshake Editions. In the meantime, it will continue as is.

French Prison News: Jill Diamond is now out of prison and home in New York. After three years, three months.. She has more than paid her 'debt' to the madness of locking people away for 'drugs'. Jill stayed five days with us here in atelier A2 before departing France. We dined Chez Léni her first evening and her last evening in Paris. Jill is going to be OK. Now we must worry about Sharon and Maggie - two lovely ladies in prison in Toulouse. (Drugs...)

I spent almost two weeks in Edinburgh again this year for yet another Festival. My host again, Jim Campbell. The Festival, I repeat every year to one and all, is superb! Try to be there next year with us addicts. I spent a great deal of time wandering the streets, meeting people, sitting in my corner at the Traverse, drinking pineapple juice at Bannerman's pub, visiting with Ricky Demarco, Better Books, eating at Henderson's, etc. etc. Gretchen Cryer's "I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road" was my favourite production. Saw it three times and fell madly in love with Gretchen. Also liked B.B.'s "Three Penny Opera" (which I must have seen a dozen of times in N.Y., Paris, London, etc). Juilet Cadzow (Mrs Peachum) and Phyllis Logan (Polly) were excellent! I produced my 'happening' in Herzmark's ballroom...

We are nearing the end of yet another newsletter. Thank you, Ulli, for my perfect fit sweater. Lenny & Marie-Paule another daughter. Maria Rankov has a son.. Recent A2 visitors: Katinka, Queenie Taylor, Kathleen Tynan, Jens Thorsen, Jane Dalrymple...

The end for now...

Hugs and kisses, Jim


Jim Haynes
September 1981

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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