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Newsletter No. 42
4th February, 1981

Birthdays today: Dominique Ferry, Alexandros Lykourezos, Judith Mandelbaum. With Greece now in the Common Market, suspect old friend Alexandros will one day be Prime Minister of Europe! I have not seen Judith in a long time, but I understand she is now a mother. I do see Dominique a great deal! She cooks from time to time here at the infamous A2 "restaurant" and it is possible that she will be involved in a business partnership with Martin Lehberger, Fershid Bharucha, and yours truly. More news as it develops...

The Regan Era begins. Optimist that I am, I refuse to join the chorus of doom I hear from all over. No, I did not vote for him. I have never voted. I am the President of my own country: ME. It is up to me to create my own laws. I am a libertarian anarchist. I respect Planet Earth and all who dwell on her. I am a pacificist. I believe it is desirable and possible to settle all disputes by peaceful means. It pisses me off to know that bomb-throwing is associated with anarchy. My "anarchy" is based upon an acceptance of the world and an attempt to deal with it, change it. Because the word anarchy is beyond saving, I propose calling myseif a "fullerist". That's it from now on. I am a fullerist! Fullerists are fun-loving, optimistic, life-loving, with a deep sense of responsibility. We care. We try to do something to bring about positive change. Our first effort is to change ourselves. We also know we have a responsibility to lend a hand, to ease the burden of others, to help make life more fun, more meaningful for everyone. But fullerists know they do not have all the answers. They transmit ideas, but realize it is more important to "live them"...

I recently received a telephone call from Jim Hodgetts in Brussels. He was lunching with Bucky Fuller. Jim called to send greetings from Bucky and to tell me that he talked to Bucky about me, my book, Workers, and other activities, and that he suggested Bucky might telephone me when he next visited Paris. A damn good idea! Thank you Jim...

For a change, New Year's Eve went well this year. Invited to five parties, managed to go to three. Started the evening with Lisa Markuson at Michael Parman's, then crossed Paris to be with Carrie Marias & Xaver Monbailliu (where I ate one of the great chocolate cakes of my life) and where I met a lovely lady. After hitching a ride in the Blvd Sébastopol to another fate, ended up in bed with a lovely Angel. The best way to end an old year and begin a new one. Once several years ago, when the Lord Mayor of Melbourne gave a New Year's Eve party for me, I was able to begin the year properly with a certain Johanne, but that's another story and not for now. Anyway thank you Angela and Johanne!

This Xmas produced Katinka over to visit with us for five weeks. A constant source of joy! She is now in Boston, studying at Brandeis. Lucky Boston! And Liz Rymland sent us a great gift: Kyle Roderick! There really are some great women on Earth. Lucky men. I hope we do deserve it. Thank you, Liz, so much for Kyle. America gets Katinka and Liz and Europe gets Kyle.

"Yes, if you don't do it right the first time, you don't do it again... P.S. I give clues." This friendiy "warning" comes from a lovely lady, Robin Cheston. Ladies, make yourselves (and others) happy. Spread it around. Make love often. Don't save it, don't wait, don't ration it. Hug and kiss every chance you get. To encourage anyone to be more loving is, surely, something well worth doing. In most male/female relationships, it is the ladies who decide, who say yes or no. Not 100% of the time I know, but surely most of the time. Germaine Greer suggests (and I agree with her) in her book, The Female Eunuch, that women have been "psychicly castrated", that most women are unable to assert their sexuality, that women's liberation begins with this recognition and then with the active asserting of their sexual energy. So I say hooray for liberated women... and men... everywhere!

The 8th of January I spent one hour with my dear friend, Jill Diamond in Rennes. She wanted Chinese noodles for Xmas, so she got Chinese noodles for Xmas. Fifty packets. Flanagan & her friend, Marc Sokol, purchased them at a local supermarché (and Marc contributed 50 francs towards the cost too). Reports coming from Jill indicate it was a good selection. All there seem to be enjoying the noodles! Jill is able to leave her House of Concrete every Wednesday morning for four hours to attend the University of Rennes. (I always suspected universities were good for something) Am pleased to report that Jill looks great and that her spirits continue to be high. Any of you who wish to send her encouragement, write: Jill Diamond, 1959, 18 Bis rue de Chatillon, B.P.7A, 35031 Rennes Cedex, France. And if you would like to write to Sharon Cotrell (from Texas) and Maggie Deane (from Glasgow) who also find themselves in prison in France, write: Boite Postale 918, 66020 Perpignan Cedex, France. Sweet ladies who would love to hear from you, in their moment of need...

Pan-sexualism: The view that the sex instinct plays a part in all human thought and activity and is the chief or only source of energy.

A good way to begin page two of this newsletter, n'est-ce pas? Jim's "energy-saving plans": "Un-plug the electric blankets, sleep with two friends instead!" etc etc Good, yes?

A2 News: Anna Köhler is wardrobe mistress in a Paris theatre. More important, she is preparing a one-woman theatre performance based upon More Romance, Less Romanticism material... Ali is busy making drawings for a book he wishes to publish with Tim Chester. Martin Lehberger is "studying English" under Professor Flaynes - who reports "he is not bad really..." Flanagan MacKenzie is busy being Flan (ie fantastic)..

Thanks to Jack Henry Moore, we have a tri-standard Betamax videocassette player now at A2. So those of you out there with access to Betamax machines, send us tapes. Jack was recently in Paris and as always, a whirlwind of activity.(The A2 Cinema & TV Club about to be launched). Jack cooked a dinner that will be talked about for a long time. Forty-five lucky guests will not forget it anytime soon. (Four days later and we are still dining on left-overs.)

Cathy Sroufe in Paris briefly and cooked another great Mexican dinner. Alas her papa is ill and so she has departed for L.A. to be with him and her mother during this difficult period. We all hope that Papa gets better and she is with us here once again. (Telmephoned L.A.; Papa is better).

News from friends: Bert Mathieu in Paris over Xmas. Lots of long talks about Henry Miller, Blaise Cendrars, Larry Durrell, Anaïs Nin, etc. He is the Fulbright Professor of American Literature at the University of Athens (and another reason to go to Greece.).. Gunnel Feurer Bloomberg telephoned from Lund. She & Malin are living again in Sweden and Gunnel is doing something in films.. Attended Guy Heron's film on models. Beautiful!.. Tom Woods in Paris af ter completing his film on Afghanistan. He was shot at by a Russian tank - who missed fortunately for Tom and for us.. Sarah Mondale also in Paris after finishing her shooting of her film in San Francisco. She reports no tanks shot at her... And thanks to Aina Wahle and Valérie Paulin, I "starred" in a film, made for French TV, with Aina, Eddie Mitchell, Jacques Francois, and Jacques Villeret. For two days, just west of Paris, I was an extra in a party scene with Jennifer Gill, Buddy Smith, and lots of other lovely folks. It is rumoured we will even be paid one of these days.

Architecture: My "architect", Gilles Bouchez, converted an old warehouse near the Parc Montsouris into a number of fantastic apartments. Anyone interested in converting old buildings should examine what Gilles has accomplished... Medi & Bernard Holtrop improved on a building next to their home in Malakoff. Bernard has a studio on the ground floor and Medi has her atelier on the first floor. A delightful dinner there recently! Thank you, Medi! Bernard, under his cartooning name "Wihlem", will begin editing "Charlie Hebdo" in March...

Thanks: So many presents from friends! Belinda Gow sent me two great old shirts from Edinburg. Alastair Reed sent me a copy of his new collection of poetry, Weathering, Tuli Kupferberg sent me True Professions, and Erving Stettner sent me Hurrah!.. Michel Royer gave me a copy of "Encrages", a special issue devoted to poetry and translation.. Jane Gozzett gave me a puzzel of a lovely lady plus a copy of L'ennemi, edited by her fehla, Gérard-Georges Lemaire.

More "news": Julian Bannerman stayed a few days with us in Paris. His pub, "Bannermans" in Edinburgh is a must.. Spaghetti dinner with neighbor, Dusan Makavejev, who reports that his new film is almost finished. (A2 Cinema will have a Betamax copy of his great film: "W.R.- Mysteries of the Organism" anyday now!!)... Raquel Gavia telephoned from Austin, Texas to order 40 copies of Workers. Wow!... Raymond Martin visited A2, reports that Everything Is! will be published in German language anyday now. (Young Jim Haynes still awaits a publisher in Britain, France, Japan, & the USA, etc etc...). Handshake Editions will publish a Homage to Henry Miller soon, plus Sarah Bean's Rags & Jewels, now entitled 1 Histoire par semaine in French and Françoise Geier's Pour ~. Un Petit Voyage Dans Les Nuages AND AND AND Lynne Tillman's Weird Fucks. (Lynne, I love you, but alas no money yet to publish...) Oh me, we are at the end, and I have no room report that Colin Gravois & Hamida soon to co-produce a baby, that Maria Rankov is pregie, that I need your news, visits, love, hugs, & friendship....

More soon, I promise! Jim

Jim Haynes
February 1981

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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