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Newsletter No. 40
9 December 1980

Telephone rings. It is Tanja Howarth calling to thank me for last night's dinner at chez Leni and to remind me to send her the outline for "the icecream book". Back to bed, snuggle up next to a warm female body. Another telephone call. This time it is Veronique Skawingka. She tells me John Lennon is dead. She just heard it on the radio. She has no details. Minutes later Jane Gozzett arrives to tell me the news. The telephone rings all morning. By the time you receive this, it will be old news. Alas poor John. I knew hlm in Swinging London. Before he knew Yoko. And I knew Yoko before she knew John. In the early days of their marriage I saw them often. We three would often dine together, sometimes Jack Moore would join us. John gave us a print of the film, "Magical Mystery Tour", a video recorder and a monitor. The recorder was stored in London and neyer recovered; .the monitor is still with Videoheads in the Amsterdam studio. About three weeks ago I posted John & Yoko several newsletters and a warm letter of greetings. 0K, he is no longer with us. But he will always be a part of our generation, our collective memories. OK., we know the grim reaper awaits us all. No one can escape. No point then in wasting time & energy in mourning. Let us live! Laugh! Love! Hug & kiss! Make music! Rejoice! Life goes on... Still, John, thanks for everything.

Now regarding this icecream book! An old idea, one that I have been pondering for years. How about a guide book to the world's great icecream parlours? Icecream afficionados, please help. Send me your information, suggestions, tell tales, etc. etc.

Since my last newsletter (the 26th of October), I have celebrated another year on Earth! The 1Oth of November. Flanagan McKenzie cooked a great paella dinner. Thanks to all of you out there for your letters & greetings - they are a constant source of news and joy! Keep them coming. And may I solicit some words from you toward my "participatory autobiography". It slowly takes shape. Write your version regarding our time together & the repercussions...

Two nights at the theatre. Thanks to Maria Rankov, Anna & I managed to attend "Rien Ne Va Plus" - performed by the Pip Simmons' theatre group. Pip started his company in 1968 in the Drury Lane "Arts Lab" - so great to see him and the company still rolling along. Hot chocolate afterwards with him, his beautiful & talented wife, Helene, and with the beautiful & fantastic Maria as well. Last night Anna & I saw the Peter Brook production, "Conference of the Birds" - thanks to Malik (who arranged for our entry). Malik, of course, is great! So, too, is Bruce Myers. (So too is Anna Köhler! If anyone has a job for her: film, TV, theatre. They will be hiring a future "STAR". Contact her "agent", young Jim Haynes.)

HANDSHAKE EDITIONS has decided to publish a Homage to John Lennon. Send any words you wish to add to the soup... (1980 has been a killer: Mae West, Ken Tynan, Tito, Henry Miller, John Lennon...)

More news from friends: Suzanne Brøgger in Love after her trip to South America.. Dan & Feliks Topolski in South America to produce a book. together.. Florence Pierre in Paris for a few days (after her recent trip to South America.).. Gabriel Lanza left Amsterdam for B. A... Tim Chester says he wants to move to Bahia... And my dear school friend from San Tomé, Venezuela - Carlos Garcia - sends me a dozen color photographs he took at atelier A2 when he was here visiting recently.. And Norma Moriceau calls from London to tell me that she is off to Australia to escape another European winter - and to help make another movie with David Elfick. (And David sent me a lovely postcard from Sydney!).. Another winter in Paris for me.

Katinka writes from Boston the news that she will spend her Xmas holidays from Brandeis here with us in France!.. Gregory Mallozzi calls from San Francisco to ask when will I be visiting. (So with Katinka on her way here, my trip to the USA delayed until at least the Spring!)... Jane Alexander writes f rom München. She is making the movie, "Night Crossing", there. It is about the two East German families who escaped in a balloon. She plans to visit us in Paris in Jauuary. Hooray!.. A package arrives from Athens from Bert Mathieu. It contains 14 essays for the homage to Henry Miller. Bert also invites me to a poetry festival in Athens...

I am now corresponding with four women in two prisons in France: Jill Diamond & Catherine Rogers in Rennes and Sharon Cotrell & Maggie Deane in Perpignan. I highly recoimnend that everyone "adopt" someone in prison. It is so important for them to get post, to know that someone thinks of them, cares for them. It looks like I will be visiting Jill in Rennes on the 8th of January if she can arrange it. (Maggie & Sharon are friends of Benny & Barbro in Malaga. I have never met them. Now have I met Cathenine - who is a friend of Jill's...)

For the past two weeks, Mike Zwerin has been playing the trombone on stage in the musical "Ain't Misbehavin" as well as continue to produce a column for the "International Herald Tribune". Mike wrote a superb article on Fee Zschocke (who I met via Constance Knitter).

Guy Sitbon tells me that he uses my newsletters to improve his English. It's good to know they have a use for something... Andrea Somma in Paris. He was in Bari in southern Italy during the earthquakes. He will help lay out the second edition of Homage to Henry. I hope to have it ready in January.. A postcard arrives from Alicia & Ted Joans who are in Cairo.

The dinners continue every Sunday night. Flanagan cooks most of the turne. Her Thanksgiving turkey outstanding plus five pies: chocolate, banana cream, lemon, nut, and pumkin.. Cathy Sroufe is in the USA for two months. She is helping Sarah Nondale in San Francisco with her movie. Sarah Bean is in the Washington D.C. area visiting her family. Ms Bean left a great "short story" with me entitled: "As Tears Go By". Handshake Editions has published two Ms Bean books: Rags and Jewels and The Clinging Brightness. This paragraph contains five great ladies. Hurry "home" to Paris you three. Another great lady - Lisa Narkuson - in Paris again after dancing in Italy for two months.

Great ladies con't: Hot chocolate with Sveeva in the Cafe Palette the 8th of November and we meet Ulrika Rimmerfors (from Stockholm). Ulrika now a dear friend and is living here with us at A2 - along with Anna, Flan & Ali, and Louise Landes-Levi. Louise is our resident poet... Connie Bradburn and Marilyn Taylor prepared a two turkey gorge for Thanksgiving... Halya Hrynchuk recently married (but I still love her all the same. I blew it; I played too hard to get).. Anne Tilby departed Paris for London; her beautiful room mate, Lesley Stiles, soon departs as well. Ugh! This paragraph contains eleven great humans: Ali and ten ladies.

Elahé calls. She is moving to Paris! Seeks a larger apt.

Telephone call from London. It is Vangelis Papathanasiou. He is sending me 25 copies of "our" new LP, "See You Later". The Jim Haynes Choral Group sings several songs on this LP. Hooray!

As always travel plans up in the air. I would like to go to Amsterdam for Jack Moore's video event scheduled for Christmas Day. (Jack was in Paris recently. We had a delightful dinner in David Niles' new studio/club: Captain Video. David & Gillian Le Gallic have done a great creation! Congratulations!) And I would like to go to America... And Sydney.. And Berlin...

My neighbor, Dusan Makavejev, is in Stockholm making a new movie.. And Eduardo Rossoff is making a movie about the life of Coco Chanel.. And a piece of Hello, Je T'Aime! is included in Jean-Jacques Pauvert's Anthologie des lectures érotiques (Editions Ramsay).

Am almost out of space. Panic begins. I would like to include several quotations if there is room. "To die completely, a person must not only forget but be forgotten, and he who is not forgotten is not dead." Samuel Butler (1902) and "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." John Donne (1624) and "To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable." Erich Fromm (1947)... We are at the end of another newsletter so let me extend my love and best wishes to you all... Now send me your love and news!!!

Hugs from Jim in Paris (who hopes to see you again soon somewhere on Spaceship Earth)...

Flash Stop Press: P.S.from Richard Neville: "On Dec 15th (my birthday) JulieClarke & I are leaping into matrimony. Haha" Oh me oh my!!!
Joan Juliet Buck in Paris for a quick visit. Looking great! Hooray!!!

Jim Haynes
December 1980

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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