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Newsletter No. 39
10 September-26 October 1980


           Peter Godry
"More than kisses, letters mingle souls; For, thus friends absent speak."
John Donne
Sylvia Pogorzalek
Barbara Creighton
Wilma Martin

Photos of friends

After nearly three weeks in Edinburgh for the Festival, I am again at home in Paris. Ah, autumn in Paris. Another beginning. September, more than January, is for me the beginning of another year. A re-newal...

The Festival is/was great! You will find me there, I hope, next year and the year after and every year I can thereafter. An extra speciai Festival this year because Ulla Larsen journeyed up from London, Anna Köhler crossed from Paris and Cathy Sroufe's "Dance Plus" presented two original interpretations. Managed to see Cathy & co six or seven time. Loved it each time! Danielle Müller is beautiful! Neyer will I forget Lisa Markuson's last solo. Breathtaking! Congratulations Cathy! And Lee! And Cathleen! And, of course, Danielle and Lisa! (I hope to help them get it videotaped in our studio in Amsterdam.)

As much as I enjoyed the Festival, it was nevertheless imperative to rush home. Dick Gregory telephoned Edinburgh from Teheran to say that he was about to fly to Paris and needed me. My friends from Melbourne, Yvonne Rockinan and Robert Hunter, also in Paris. So head full of delightful images and memories, I am again in my atelier and at my typewriter and will try to capture some moments to send out to you out there...

Thursday, 14th Aug: Train to London with Flanagan MacKenzie. Meet a blue-eyed honey named Jo on the boat.. Dine with Norma Moriceau and Flanagan at the "Star of India" ancd we stuff ourselves silly... Snuggle with Norma all night. (She departs for L.A. next a.m.)

Friday, 15th: Lunch with John Calder, tea with Feliks Topolski, party with Dan Topolski chez Vonnie & RaleighCoombs. Talk a long time with Hanja Kochansky, Barbara & Ed Hariman give me a ride to Dan's where I stay the night.

Sarah Hardy
Feliks Topolski

Saturday, 16th: Train to Edinburgh, dine chez Scott & Ann Griffith.. Party Herzmark's converted Belford Church, now a theatre, soon to be a school. Sleep chez Jim Campbell.

Sunday 17th: Lunch Edinburgh Arts Club compliments of Duncan Black. Alas, I have to go before I can say my thanks. So belated thanks, Duncan. Dinner with Edith & George Tod.

Monday, 18th: Book Exhibition opening Charlotte Square. Talk with Archie & Ann Turnbull. And with Janice Fox.. Deposit Workers with Helmi, Cafe Berlin, Belford Church. Wander to Press Club to meet Sheila Colvin, Belinda Gow, Rebecca Irving (who I first met via a shared taxi years ago), and Valerie Croft.. Nicholas deJongh & I walk to Film House and meet Lynda Myles and her successor, Jim Hinkley. (Lynda off to Berkeley to direct the West Coast Film Archives after this year's Festival.) Later a Charles Bukowski monologue performed by Simon McBurney (who tells me afterwards that he will be attending the Lecoq School in Paris this autumn).. Nicholas & I attend "Billy Bishop Goes to War" and quickly rush to a telephone so he can get his rave review into the Guardian.

Tuesday, 19th: To Bannermans Bar to congratulate Julian on his fantastic achievement. Meet Gily Glendinning and she introduces me to two of her lovely friends. Lunch Henderson's with Sophie Windham & Prue Leslie. To Rene Thomson's "Period Clothes" for shirts, coat and trousers.. Meet Tom McGrath in Traverse and three beauties from Iowa. Sheila Harborth, the Traverse administrator, gives me a Life Membership Card. See "Yobs & Snobs" in the Traverse and talk afterwards with author, Andrew Dallmeyer. Talk also with Tom Mitchell and we continue our ongoing conversation (which started years ago).

Wednesday, 2Oth: To Rob King's ScîFi bookshop, deposit Workers, meet his partners, Seoras Lindsay and George Forrest.. To Bingo & Sigrid Mavor's for lunch.. Press Club in the p.m., meet Alex Stefanovic, his wife and son. Talk a long time with Isabel Hilton, Neil Ascherson, June McFarland and Bob Cuddihy. In the evening go to a party to launch the Film Festival.

Thursday, 21st: Give a talk cum reading from Everything Is! in the Demarco Gallery at Noon. Pleased to discover Alastair Reed in attendance. Crazy lunch afterwards with Anne Goring, George Fraser, and others. At 5pm, Dallmeyer play,"Micropower", with Andrew and Neil Cunningham. Dinner and nap at chez Herzmark...

Bill Dunn

This newsletter is having a slow birth. Today is the 26th of October, six weeks after completing page one. Could not decide if I should dedicate the entire letter to the Edinburgh Festival or not. As you can see, I am letting the first page be. Organized a Press Conference for Dick at the airport, then put him on a flight for the USA the next morning. At last report, he is still fasting.

An old school friend of mine from Venezuela, Carlos Garcia, appeared out of the blue and stayed some days with us in Paris. He now directs an oil company in Caracas!

Re-appointed University of Paris, my l2th year! We are no longer in the Bois de Vincennes, now shifted to a northern suburb, St Denis. Classes every Monday again I hope.

Just before departing for the Book Fair, thanks to Andrea Somma's help, Handshake Editions published A Homage to Henry. Andrea did the lay out and the cover. This first edition of the homage to Henry Miller contains contributions from some thirty writers. Since publication, more contributions have arrived so a second edition will be published shortly.

Claudia Schill
Liz Rymland

Also before departing for the Book Fair, I was an extra in a Claude Lelouch movie and a singer in a new Vangelis LP. One morning Connie Bradburn telephoned and said that "Americans" were needed. I called dozens of friends and we all spent the morning dancing in the basement of La Coupole. The French title: "Les Uns et Les Autres"... Then my neighbor Vangelis Papathanasiou called seeking English-language voices for several songs on the LP he was completing. I recruited Ali, Pomme, Jeff and a girl sitting in a sidewalk cafe... (Vangelis telephoned this morning f rom London to report the completion of the LP and that he will be coming to Paris in November with copies.)

Cathy Sroufe cooks a Mexican dinner here tonight. We stihi continue with our Sunday Salon. Then she departs for a two month sojourn to the USA. Flanagan McKenzie arrives in Paris the end of October. Everyone will miss Cathy, but it will be good to have Flan with us once again...
Sekar of Videoheads in Paris for an all too brief a visit. He cooked great Madras Indian dinners, re-wired the atelier, and generally added warmth and good vibes.

Departed Tuesday morning, the 7th of October, for Frankfurt with Fershid Bharucha, Martin Lehberger, and Martha Ferris in Fershid's car. We stayed in Monika Rosenkranz's apartment. (Monika departs for Esalen in February to enrich all of California with her energy!) The Book Fair was, as always, great! A number of publishers expressed an interest in my Homage to Henry as well as my other books.

Marco Vassi
Volks Verlag will publish Everything Is! in the German language in November. Always lots of parties and dinners. A superb Indian dinner with Martin L, Ulf Matthiesen & Claudia Honegger, Katherine Hilliard plus Sabine, a lovely lady from Bremen... Another dinner with John Calder & Stephanie Wolfe-Murray. Shared moments with Alex Stefanovic, with Maurice Girodias (whose autobiography, The Frog Prince, will be pubhished this autumn), with Gilbert Sheldon & his lady friend, Louise (They plan to live in one of my favorite cities, Barcelona), with Jaco & Elisabeth Groot, with Bernard Holtrop, with Unn Palm and Hans-Willem Kuijl, with Ingo Meier, with Mike Sissons, with Robert Jungk, with Lewis Johnson, with Ed Reavis, with Ledig-Rowohlt (who promised to write something for the homage to Miller book), with Carole Livingston & Lyle Stuart, with Sonny Mehta, etc. The great thing about the book fair is the people there from morning to night!
Debbie Taevs

Nick Hebblethwaite

When I returned to Paris, Hans-Willem sent me a T-shirt with the name of bis Stockholm bookshop, Akademi Bokhandeln, printed on it. Alicia Fritchie & Ted Joans flashed by Paris on their way to Berlin and Africa. They left a "Hello, I Love You!" T-shirt for me. Flan & Ali's friend in Chicago, Keith Eckerling, who has a record store, sent me Ethel Merman's "GYPSY". Rona Jacobs gave me a bottle of her shampoo. Thanks friends!

And when I passed through London on my way to Paris, I spent a great morning with Sally Belfrage. We went for a walk through Covent Garden and she bought me The Penguin International Thesaurus of Quotations and Knut Hamsun's Growth of the Soil. Hooray!

We have a kitten here at A2 now - thanks to Marianne & Sylvie Lemince. About a year ago I hitched home from Chez Lèni one midnight. Marianne picked me up and dropped me at my door... Oh me, we are at the end of another page. "Those who are absent, by its means become present; mail is the consolation of life." Voltaire (1764) Much more to report; it will have to wait...

Love, hugs, kisses from Jim in Paris.


Across the top: Peter Godry - Sylvia Pogorzalek.
On the left, top to bottom: Pocahontas & below Barbara Creighton,Wilma Martin, Sarah Hardy, Feliks & Caryl, Elahé, Bill Dunn, Claudia Schill, Liz Rymland, Marco Vassi, Debbie Taevs, and Nick Hebblethwaite.

Jim Haynes
26 October 1980

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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