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Newsletter No. 23
June, 1978

"Some people go to Paris to see the Mona Lisa, to Athens to see the Acropolis, to Tokyo to see the Imperial Palace, to London to see the Tower. I travel to participate in the daily lives of others - known and unknown to me - to share time and space with other human beings. I enjoy the random meetings and the not so random ones. I am an existentialist (at least), but an optimistic one. I suspect that we only have one time around, so let's make it meaningful and let's make it fun -which is two ways of saying the same thing.
Heathcote Williams, a poet, and more important for me, a friend, once said that I would not be happy until I get everyone in the world in my address book. He is half right. Yes, I would like to have everyone in my address book, to be able to call everyone a friend. This is a quest of mine. But in the meantime, I am not unhappy. (Please indulge my double negative.) In fact, I am very happy! Happiness, for me, is an intellectual decision. And I decided long ago to be happy. And by my criteria, I am succeeding. It's really easy, it's only a matter of attitude. How you feel about yourself and others. But I digress...
This tale is the story of one quick trip round the world. Too quick. But then life is too quickly over. I would like to have stayed the rest of my days in every place visited. As far as I am concerned, I will share the rest of my life with everyone encountered. Hence this retelling of the trip through the many people touched ... "

The above "epilogue" ends the story of my recent world trip, but the 'story' never ends, not until we draw our last breath, and even then it continues. We all make waves. On the plane from Rome to Bombay, I shared a seat with an Air India stewardess, Raziya Ahmed. Two of her friends - Anuradha and Shylini - have since visited me. In L.A., Frank Cavestani suggested I call a friend of his in Paris, Phyllis Roome. Did so. We met. She has introduced me to dozens of her friends and I have introduced her to dozens of mine. And on and on it goes. Throw a pebble in a pond and watch the waves. Each meeting, each encounter causes repercussions.
Always more to "report" than space. I must keep within my two page (self-imposed) limitation. Since No.22, my first round-the-world trip! Thanks to a free ticket from a friend in Melbourne, I left Paris the middle of December for Bombay, then Melbourne and Sydney, up to Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, over to L.A., Houston, Philadelphia, New York City, London and back home to Paris the end of January. All in 35 days! Crazy, I know, but fun! I have written a story of the trip which I might publish...
This month the small printing and publishing company, Dandelion, publishes my "reply" to Karl Marx, entitled Workers of the World, Unite and Stop Working! in a bi-lingual English and French edition. I hope to produce a mini-book in this series every six months or so.

Take out your new address books right now and note my new telephone numbers. Yes, two lines! 535-3767 will change one of these days to 327-1767; the PTT says the end of '78. A new line - 327-1909 - is in operation now. It looks like I will even be listed in the 1979 Paris telephone book...
Videoheads deeply entrenched in Amsterdam: Egelantiersgracht 57-59; tel: 251-687. Jack continues to jump from continent to continent, but Sekar Subramanian, Måas Von Stedingk, and Erik Hoving maintain the Amsterdam studio. A community cable station is planned. David Hanson recently returned to Mississippi, Roberto Ramos to Brazil. Chris Whaley, from Alaska, and George Melson, from Singapore, temporarily with us in Paris. If you are ever invited to a Sekar meal, don't refuse. He is a fantastic cook!
Recently lunched with Victoria Riviere and discovered we have a common dream: to open a brothel in Paris. Do any of you, ladies and gentlemen, wish to be one of our part-timers in our house of love? Fulfill your dreams! Be a whore for a night in Paris! Needless to say, Victoria and I must "test" you first...
Recently journeyed to London for a three-day weekend. Stayed one night with Norma Moriceau, one with Anne Stoker, and one with Fran and Jay Landesmann. Attended the Festival of Mind and Body. Cookarama. W.S.A. had a very impressive Stand (designed by Anne Stoker) and manned by Norman Pilkinton and volunteers.

News/gossip/visitations: Sylvie Bourdon has recently opened an erotic gallery in Paris (16 rue des Grands Augustins). Her book, Love is a Feast is published in English by John Calder and it is superb! John recenly in Paris for a meeting of the Prix de Sept publishers. Prize won last year by Erich Fried. Talked with Klaus Wagenbach in the Coupole before the meeting... Suze Randall's book Suze now is in paperback in Australia as well as USA. Lots of fun!... Maurice Girodias is now living in Boston and writing Vol 2 of his-autobiography. Maurice is a Hello fan!... Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky Crumb were in Europe for the publication of a new collection of his drawings. Lutz Reineke of 2001 the publisher. Bill Daley (Prinsengracht 1103, Amsterdam) will handle distribution outside German-speaking areas. Robert, Aline and several friends dined in Paris chez moi. Robert celebrated the evening by making some drawings all over my dining room table. I had thoughtfully provided a paper covering.
Gunnel Feurer back in Paris from a year in the Seychelles... I am more or less the caretaker of Didi and Robin Rockman's apartment in Paris. They are flower selling in Melbourne... Lorraine and Bernie Cornfeld are selling their Chateau de Pelly (35 k's from Geneva). Asking price something like four million Swiss francs... Colin Gravois and Lotfi Belhassine, who direct the Tabarka Festival in Tunesia, launch another in Asilah, Marocco this summer. One can spend two weeks there in July and August for 1,570 French francs and this includes lodging, meals and air fare from Paris... The Johnny Romero Fan Club in Paris (Jane Gozzett, Robert Cordier, and myself) are not pleased with a clean-shaved J.R. Mustashe please Johnny for your fans...
Ricky Demarco zoomed through Paris several weeks ago full of energy and joy... Phyllis Roome might take her one-woman show "Help, Mummy, Help" to the Edinburgh Festival. Maybe I'll go up again as well...

I wish to publicly thank Robina Chaffey for taking me to the hospital my last morning in Sydney. Over-ate and over-drank my last night on the town. Thank you dear Robina!!! ... Sveeva has a fantastic photographic studio in the rue de Seine which is available for hire from time to time... Finally after years and years of going to La Coupole, I organized a visit to the basement. It is like being on a cruise ship in the thirties... Humbert Camerlo (organising an Eric Satie programme for the Paris Opera), Elaine McCartney (with "Paris Metro"), and Claudia Honegger and Ulf Matthiesen were brave enough to venture down with me. Claudia recently published a book on witchcraft... My Australian distributor of Hello, Pat Woolley of Wild and Woolley, spent a few days in Paris on her way from the Atlanta Book Fair to visit Ron Cobb in London. The Sydney Radio station 2JJ broadcast a two part interview with me which I recorded in their studio last January... Lisa Brody visiting Paris before journeying to London to study theatre and to Spain for Spanish-language... Mike Zwerin playing jazz again and organizing concerts for the Festival du Marais. He and Martine collaborated on a dialogue for "Paris Metro" about the whys and wherefores of bringing a child into the world.
The Cannes Film Festival again this year. The outstanding film for me: "Newsfront" produced by David Elfick and costumes by Norma Moriceau. The film "Hobbs's Choice", presented and produced by Lyndall Hobbs, is a look at the fashion worlds of London and Paris. Little Nell sings and Jane Gozzett looks superb...

My ninth year with the university completed; hopefully No 10 will begin this autumn. My partner in Dandelion, Will Reed, can handle all your printing requirements up to and including color separation. Call him/us at 842-3710...

Summer plans vague as usual. As always I wish to stay in Paris to receive you and to travel to visit you. Not only do I wish to travel northward to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Leningrad, Warsaw and Berlin, but I also wish to travel southward. And to London and to Edinburgh. And to the Frankfurt Book Fair again this October. An old friend, Xavier Corbero, invited me to come and visit him in Barcelona. And I wish to visit Alexandros Lykourezos in Athens... Oh me oh my!!!
I would like to end this newsletter with a quote from Henry Miller from his book The World of Sex: "One can live joyously -one must! - in the midst of a world peopled with sorrowing, suffering creatures. What other world is there in which to enjoy life? I know this, that I will no longer perform for the sake of performing, nor take action for the sake of being active. Nor can I acknowledge as necessitous or inevitable what now goes on in the name of ..." No more space.
Keep your juices flowing! Love, Jim



Jim Haynes
June 1978

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris France




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