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Newsletter 21
22 July 1977

Friday morning, the 22nd of July, and here I am pondering yet another newsletter to friends. Earlier today I typed my answers to a Male Sexuality Questionnaire for Shere Hite and the New York Feminist Sexuality Project. (Address: N.O.W. New York, 47 East l9th Street, NY NY 10003) In the middle of question 12, ("Are physical affection and touching important for their own sakes, not leading to orgasm or even necessarily to sex?"), the ribbon in my IBM electric typewriter reached the end of its life cycle and not to be squelched, I jumped to a new medium, a Bic pen, and promptly began this newsletter. (It's funny to think that maybe I would not have written this if the ribbon had lasted. It is on such small items that empires rise and fall...); Since No. 20) (dated January 1977), an event of significance has taken place in my life. I am now a man of property. Me and my bank that is. Some twelve years of monthly payments lie ahead. Buying my atelier could not have happened without the I help of a number of lovely people. I will forever be grateful to them. They include Anny Gruska, Catherine Schou, Anita Ruhnau, Bo Linden, Arvid Posse, Guy Chiss, Gilles Bouchez, Jack Moore, and Alain Miner as well as Loren McIver Russell Porter and many others. Thank you one and all. It feels good to know that I am more or less settled here at this address for some years to come?, where I hope to be able to extend hospitality to you all. But who can be sure of anything in this crazy life? Once upon a time, I thought that I would remain the rest of my days in Edinburgh, later I thought that it would he London. Now maybe it will be Paris ... This is the commencement of my ninth year in Paris and my ninth year with the university (Yes, I have been reappointed!) Time roars by. Ten years ago I never have predicted that I would spend the next decade in Paris....

I still love Paris; it is a carrefour, a cross-roads. Friends continually arrive and depart. One never knows who will knock on the door next. I think this is why I like to live here. I only wish that I had been able to purchase that hotel in rue Vavin some years ago. Atelier A2 can get crowded sometimes. This place is an English?speaking island, an oasis. There are so many different enclaves in Paris.?Each profession, each language is a sub?culture.'Sometimes I feel I know someone in all of them. And not belonging to any one group exclusively enables one to drift among them all.

I like most places and most people. Every place and everyone is a learning experience. I could be equally as happy living in Barcelona, San Francisco, New Orleans, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, or almost any large urban space. I have an uncanny ability to put down roots immediately. This can be exasperating. When I travel anywhere, I hate to leave. (Yet returning to Paris, to home, and?your letters, is always a joy!) Thank you for all the invitations to visit you. Pepe Musotto and his lovely lady Danielle were here last week, and insist that I come to stay with them in Palermo. Yvonne and Irvin Rockman have invited me to Melbourne. Elahe and Bijan have invited me to Teheran,, Moncef Sassy to Tunis, Sitare to Istanbul, Pearl Padamsee to Bombay, Alexandros to 'Athens, Shuji Terayama and Michi Tanaka to Tokyo, and so on around the world. Maybe it will soon be time for me to make this voyage.

Yet I remain here in Paris?? with its energy, its madness. (Partly because I wish to be here when you come!) Like all big cities, Paris and be hard and rude. Some say that Paris is rougher than theme all. I have never experienced anything but kindness. I think that one gets back what one puts out. This reminds me of a Gene Schoenfeld statement: "Just the other night I was talking to a friend of mine who has a really nice smile, the kind of smile that gives one a good feeling. This is a sort of a corny way to talk about it, but this person and I were talking about his smile and he said when he smiled at someone it was like a ripple in a pond. It doesn't end with that person', because if you make someone feel good he or she will, in turn, respond better to other people. In the same way, being loving with someone doesn't end with that person. It extends to everyone that person encounters." (from Hello, I Love You ? of course).

Our video group Videoheads expands. The Amsterdam studio is ready. The basement here at A2 still serves as our Paris base. More space in Paris might be available soon. Jack Moore is now in New York City visiting Karl Hartig, Bibi Phillips, Yasmine Sokal, Lynne Tillman, Morgen Redmond, et 'al. He flies next to Zurich, then to Darmstadt to see Ulli and Peter, and then back to Paris. He will spend most of August in Amsterdam, go to Abu Dhabi in September on the first leg of yet another round the world trip. He will stop in Belgrade, Cairo, Iran, India, Japan, Philippines Costa Rica, California, etc. to check on projects in progress. Sekar, from Delhi and Madras, will join us in Paris...

The printing and publishing company, Almonde, that I co-founded over three years ago is kaput. Too long and too complicated to explain. I am not even sure I know the real reason or reasons. Suffice it to say that it is history now. One moves on. With my original partner ? Will Reed ? we plan to launch Dandelion. Yes, another printing and publishing venture. Meanwhile, Hello, I Love You!, continues in its various language editions under our new imprint. Times Change Press are publishing Hello in USA soon. I street?sell Hello in Paris cafes about once a week. It's fun and an opportunity to meet people from everywhere. Recently met Synnøve Eidsvall, and now she plans to?transate Hello into Norwegian. Street selling is to be recommended... Cannes for the Film Festival again, this time in force. Videoheads made their first official entry. They're to tape all the press conferences for the Festival itself. Crew included Jack Moore, Mans Von Stedingk, Peter Jensen, Norma Moriceau, Peter Rigby, Lisa Brody, Neil 'Bruce' Vesey and yours truly. We have been invited back again next year. And next year we hope to co?ordinate the whole thing with an American cable station.. Lots of good movies and good food and good people as always. Two outstanding movies for me: "Body Love" by Alberto Ferro and "C'est la Vie Rrose" by Rosemarie and Hans?Christof Stenzel. Our press conference tapes recently shown at the Paris Cinematheque. The outstanding press conference tape featured Jens Thorsen ("Quiet Days in Clichy" or "The Love Life of Jesus Christ"), Alberto Ferro ?sometimes known as Lasse Braun ("Body Love" and "Sensations"), and young J. Haynes ? sometimes known as Captain Love. This unpressed conference was an opportunity for these three to babble together about erotica, sexuality, porno and other such fun and relevant items. If you get a chance to see their films, do so. "Love Life of Jesus Christ" not yet made and already attacked by Queen Lizzie and the Pope. Alberto's two movies are erotissimo! When will Hollywood (or someone) finance these two with a "Jaws" sized budgets to make a real blast? ( Hey fellas, I offer my casting abilities free... OK?)

Two pieces of good news arrived today. My co-editor of Hello, Jeanne Pasle-Green is now a mother. Her name is Kachina Rain Pasle-Green. "She is beautiful and we are having a good time together, she loves people and I take her everywhere." reports Jeanne... Secondly, my gas and electric bill arrived and it is under 1,000 francs. This calls for a double celebration!

Quickies: Richard Neville recently passed through Paris, stayed a few days A2, on his way to India to research a new book... Michi Tanaka's new book Questions in both Japanese and English. Nicolo Tucci passed through Paris, still a source of inspiration and joy... Marco Vassi sent me his new novel; the title is something like the Mirror Image or The Erotic Mirror. Stupidly I cannot remember and I have loaned it out to someone. But I highly recommend it. Like all of Marco's writing, it would made a great movie... Marie?Paule Etienne and Lenny Jensen about to produce a baby next month... Bill Levy and Susan Janssen have added to the population explosion with a daughter Swaantje Alice... Willem de Ridder passed by Paris last month on his way to Maroc for a holiday. He is living in Italy and publishing three porn papers in English in L.A. Lou Zeldis is in San Diego with a broken foot and on his way to Europe soon... Rajak Ohanian forced to rest a bit in a hospital in Dijon. Up soon we hope... We are all getting old my friends... Germaine Greer fans might be? pleased to know she has completed a new manuscript... Jesper Haynes visited his papa in Paris, but forced to stay in bed for a week, where he watched videotapes. Chicken pox compliments of his lovely sister, Lisa. He collected it from her just before departing Stockholm...

If all goes as planned I will head for London the end of August. I think that Lisa Brody will come with me. Maybe Humbert Camerlo and Sveeva too. Then up to the Edinburgh Festival where I plan to produce a reading of "Hello!" material in my old theater, The Traverse. Maybe Norma Moriceau will join us . Then to Swansea, Wales for an International Conference on Love and Attraction, then back to Paris perhaps via Amsterdam. If Hello is still being published in Swedish in September, maybe I will go up there in order to visit Jesper and to help celebrate the occasion. And then there is always the Frankfurt Book Fair which begins the 12th of October. This year will be my tenth visit.

OK, I bring this to an end. My "folly". Still trying to write my major opus. Progress is slow, far too slow. Maybe I will bring out an interim edition. Several video projects in the air too, including "Smile: A Letter to the Human Family"... OK, no more space, and Mans has shouted up to me that dinner is ready. Two good reasons to stop pounding on this magic machine. I must say I like my IBM typewriter...


Love, Jim

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris, (Tel. 5353767)






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