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Newsletter No. 111

18 January, 1987

I'm writing this Monday morning, the l9th, but because the l8th was Paula Klein and Catherine Goyhex's birthday (as well as Danny Kaye, Jan Bloom, and the late great Cary Grant). And today the l9th is Karen Faherty, Dolly Parton, and the late great Brion Gysin's birthdays.

Last night there were about fifty individuals here for dinner. Corine Berrevoets and I prepared the starter and main dish and Anne Kappel made ice cream. (Anne is visiting from Århus. She is washing the large pile of dirty dishes as I pound away on this Olivetti ET 221. She is looking for an apartment in order to stay in Paris a year.) As usual this is a long over-due newsletter. I am rushing to produce it before Noon because my printer is on his way over and it would be nice if I could have this ready to give him. And as usual I have misplaced my notes. I cannot remember what I wanted to write, so I suspect I will be doing No 112 very soon.

The big news is that I have tenure. Yes, after 17 years of one-year contracts, it is now official. The University of Paris VIII has me for life. Four others in the department also promoted. It looks like I will flot have to sleep under bridges in my old age unless, of course, the French government goes bankrupt. Next semester I will be teaching Monday afternoon and Wednesday evenings. What a hard life!

The other big news is Corine's new job. She is Irigvar Rudling's FA in a new European English-language television station. Ingvar has asked me to serve as a "cultural advisor" and it looks like I will have a weekly 40 minute program. The station - MBC - is to start test broadcasting this April and plans to start officially next September. But more on this as it unfolds. Ingvar is Ewa Rudling's brother; he and his wife, Helena, have a wonderful daughter, Maria. She and I are pals. We went to the Alcazar Christmas Show together. (And Jack videotaped the Show.)

Speaking of Jack, he arrived here at 6am after editing almost non-stop since last Monday a program about the fashion house, Christian Dior. He is well and happy and wants to travel soon to "the sun" - so I guess this means, Costa Rica. He needs a holiday. badly. Don't we all?

We are still sending packages to Poland. And we still solicit your aid. Last week about 15 packages left here. You can help us or we can give you names and addresses for you to contact directly.

"PASSION" - the magazine of Paris - celebrated its fifth birthday this past November with a big party. (Jack edited a special videotape for it.) And the 50th issue featured 50 portraits of U.S. expatriates: "Who Are The Americans in Paris Today?" Lots of friends including Thomas Quinn Curtis, William Doweli, Gene Fenn, Steve Lacy, Kate Mannheim, Juliet Man Ray, Henry Pillsbury, Mort Rosenblum, John Strand, Edmund White, George Whitman, and Tom Woods. Jason Weiss wrote a nice piece about yours truly that I am re-producing on the overside. Thanks, Jason. I wish that I whish that I could find room to re-publish the other portraits. Scott Osman took the photographs. I look forward to the 5Oth anniversary party, Robert!

Maybe I dash to Heidelberg in early February to give a lecture.

Corine enjoyed her trip to New York City and San Francisco. Alas she did not get to see Cindy & Randy Koral; the 2nd issue of their new magazine, "Equator" arrived here recently. Good luck, you two! But she did see lots of pals. STOP PRESS NEWS FLASH: My printer just arrived with bad news. He is changing his job. This is terrible. My newsletters and Handshake Editions depend upon him. He has been my printer for some six years. Oh me! Oh my!

This is the end of this page. It is also the end of an era. I can't believe Bernard will not be printing for me anymore. I am upset...

Jim Haynes
January 1987

Atelier A-2,
83 rue de la tombe Issoire,
75014 Paris




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