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The Twins - Slobodan and Vladimir PESKIREVIC
Vladimir - Blue Portrait
Vladimir - Stella
Slobodan - Oriental
Slobodan - Madonna-2
Vladimir - Blue Portrait
Vladimir - Stella
Slobodan - Oriental
Slobodan - Madonna-2
pictures©The Twins-Slobodan and Vladimir Peskirevic
The Twins - Slobodan and Vladimir PESKIREVIC

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the twins
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The phenomenon of the Peskirevic twins is not likely to be easily detected: first the French and then the international press started paying attention to painters Slobodan and Vladimir who, as soon as they had got out of the Parisian Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1990, with their acute and merciless eyes, observed the figures of our contemporary monarchs.

It must be said that where the artists such as Holbein, Velasques and Goya had left off, the Peskirevic twins have picked up, that is to say, the domain of the royal portraits. Bill Clinton, his spouse Hilary (1992-93), then the French president Chirac - to name just a few - were among the chosen luminaries to be immortalized by the Peskirevics' sensitive brush.

After the six portraits that the young painters had accomplished for the noble environment of the White House, the twin brothers decided to stoop a bit lower into the daily, mundane world of popular stars and media celebrities: they had finally left the rigid world of pomp and ceremony and started mingling with the world's top models such as Kate Moss, Tasha and Carla Bruni - who, if not more important than the said politicians, are certainly more pleasant to look at.

There is a certain artistic rigor in the approach of almost all Peskirevics' subjects: 400 draughts - studies preceded the presidential portraits, and as far as the fashion models are concerned, Slobodan's "blue" phase comprises paintings of these often lovely and powerful women, freed from the canonic framework of the fashion photographers, thus being allowed some idiosyncratic and independent expressions and natural space to breathe. However, the subject matter of the twins' recent work, to be exhibited in early June on the Parisian 'Left Bank', differs greatly from their earlier pursuits - one could say that their most recent show of paintings echoes their first and foremost original interests in art: in the beginning of his career, Slobodan had developed an abstract expressionist style in painting, one that is meditative, free and intimates at some basic elements of elegant Japanese calligraphy. Along these lines, he has also nourished an interest in sensual expressionist nudes that go along well with his brother Vladimir's fascination for Touluse Lautrecian and vaudvillesque caricatures of women living on the edge of any possible existence. Most of these new paintings, to be exhibited at the prestigious Etienne de Causans gallery this spring, were conceived, spiritually speaking - in terms of their subject and style - at Peskirevics's legendary atelier in Aubervilliers in the beginning of the 90's - when the spirit of fun and friendly gatherings permeated their creative endeavors as well as constructive contemplations.

Among their recent noteworthy art works mention must be made of their black and white lithographies that the brothers have executed on Picasso’s original pressing machines.



Personal Exhibitions

2005 Galerie Onyx, Belgrade
2004 Jim Haynes A2 Gallery, Paris
2003 Salon Montmartre aux Artistes, Paris
2002 Galerie de l'Etoile, Paris
2001 Atelier 25 Montmartre, Paris
2000 Millenium Nights - Les Bains, Paris
1999 Galerie Galerie Étienne de Causans, Paris
1998 Galerie Tanjia, Paris
1997 Galerie Weber, Geneva
1996 Galerie Artesia, Paris
1995 Galerie du Rond Point des Champs Elysées, Paris
1994 Salon de l'Ecole Française de Peinture, La Chaise-Dieu
1993 Université de Paris Dauphine, exposition et gala, Paris
1992 Galerie de l'Hôtel du Parc, Fontainebleau
1991 Galerie de la Mairie, Clichy
1990 Salon de la Banque Nationale de Paris, Paris
1989 Galerie Sweet et Faim, Paris
1988 Galerie du CROUS, Paris
1987 Galerie du CCY, Paris


Christie's, London
Palais de l'Elysée, Paris
The White House, Washington





The Twins - Slobodan and Vladimir PESKIREVIC

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