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La table et les chaises vertes, l'automn
Le jardin de Madame Morlaix
Isabel et Amélie
La table et les chaises vertes, l'automne.
32 x 46 cm, huile/bois.
Le jardin de Madame Morlaix.
32 x 46 cm, huile/bois.
32 x 46 cm, huile/bois
Isabel et Amélie.
38 x 46 cm, huile sur toile
10, rue des Artistes
75014 Paris France
tel (33) 01 43 20 32 36

e-mail: trishnickell@trishnickell.com

Blois, 2006
35 x 35 cm, oil on board

Galerie 3F

Trish Nickell

14-27 May 2007
private view May 16th at 6 pm

58, rue des Trois-Frères, Paris 18°
7/7 12 am-8 pm

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1988 MFA, University of Dallas, Irving, Texas.

Selected One Person Exhibitions

2003 Trish Nickell, Reflections on France, WICE Artspace, Paris, France.
2003 Recent paintings, The Atelier A2 Gallery, Paris, France.
2002 Trish Nickell, Galerie Philippe Frégnac, Paris, France.
1997 Above Ground, New Work, Banks Fine Art, Dallas, Texas.
1996 New Paintings, Marie Park Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1995 Recent Work, Banks Fine Art, Dallas, Texas.
1994 Recent Work, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
1992 Paintings, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
1990 Trish Nickell, Works on Paper, Clifford Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1990 New Paintings, Banks Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas.
1989 Young Dallas Talent, Adelle M Gallery, Dallas, Texas
1988 The Cause of Suburbanitis, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1988 Views and Reviews, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Connection Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1988 Recent Drawings and Paintings, Sheraton Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Gallery Affiliations

        Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Selected Group Exhibtions

2006 Dorothy's Gallery, Paris

1993 The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York, New York.
        Small Treasures, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

1992 33rd Annual Invitational, Longview Art Museum, Longview, Texas.
        Next Best Show, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
        Tempus Fugit, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
        Block Print Invitational, Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

1991 Small Works Under $1000, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas
        Time is Relative, Beverly Gordon Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
        Expanding Visions, Dallas City Hall, Dallas, Texas.
        Gray Matters @ Gray Matters, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
        A Question of Private Boundaries, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

1990 Southwest Regional Exhibition, Trammell Crow Center, Dallas, Texas.
        Season Preview, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
        15 From 500, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

1989 A View of the Figure, Adelle M Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
        Five State Art Exhibition, Port Arthur, Texas.
        A Family of Artists, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
        TVAA 16th Annual Spring Exhibition, Dallas, Texas.


        Various private and corporate collections.
        List available on request.



I am an observer... my environment, the view outside my window... The primary attraction is color. I isolate details of a scene with photographs and sketches - from these my paintings begin.
Nature is a sanctuary - a place for meditation and renewal. It has a spiritual presence that soothes, energises, and inspires. As an ancient Tao poem states,
"...the sacred lies in the ordinary."
My paintings are a slice of nature, a slice of the sacred beauty that often goes unnoticed in everyday surroundings.
Modern western society pushes nature to the periphery in favor of human presence. My paintings push human presence to the periphery and remind us that we need nature - it calms, cools, and consoles.
Much of today's art is inspired by social problems. My paintings are inspired by nature. Like nature, they offer serenity and invite contemplation. The reintegration of nature into daily life offers us tangible solutions for some problems. The transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,
"To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone."
pictures ©Trish NICKELL




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