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Sylvia Libedinsky, Micky
Sylvia Libedinsky, cameraman
Sylvia Libedinsky, mauvaises fréquentations
mauvaises fréquentations
pictures©Sylvia Libedinsky

flat 2, 1 Prince of Wales rd.
London NW5 3LW U.K.
e-mail: sylvia@libedinsky.com

"Mauvaise Compagnie"

drawings and prints

Architect, designer, artist
graduated Faculdad de Arquitectura Y Urbanismo, University of Buenos Aires post-graduate diploma, Bouwcentrum, Rotterdam.
Has lived in London since 1968.

visit Sylvia Libedinsky's Web portfolio
and also Paul Gravett's website under "exhibitions Europe"
1968-1976 architect for GLC, Schools Division, London
1976-84, co-founder of Marshmallow, design company making toys and soft furniture. Twelve of her designs are selected by the Design Centre.

Sylvia Libedinsky and Nick Wadley have worked together making pictures and cartoons intermittently since the mid-1990s. Their DoubleTakeAway cartoons were published in the Daily Telegraph 1996-97,and in the Royal Academy Magazine 1997-98 and their weekly Lax Column cartoons ran in the Financial Times from 2000 to 2002. They have also designed book-jackets (Methuen, Faber) and posters (Royal Court Theatre) and private commissions.


Exhibitions include

2006 "Segismundo y otros Mundos". La Sala Vinçon. Barcelon,a Spain
2005 "Dibujos" (with Nick Wadley). La Ventana Cemicual , Santiago de Chile
2004 "Gente" (with Nick Wadley). Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires Argentina
2003 "Heads you win" (with Nick Wadley). Mexico Gallery, London UK
2003 "Men in Suits" (with Nick Wadley). CineContact, London UK?
2000 "Vested Interests" (with Nick Wadley). Cartoons from the Financial Times British Cartoon Trust, London UK
1998 "Doubletakeaway" (with Nick Wadley). British Council. Bologna -Italy
1998 "The Secret Life of Clothes". Artium, Fukuoka, Japan
1997 "Dream of Urbanity". Chapter Gallery, Cardiff-Wales.
1997 "Dream of Urbanity". Stanford St, London UK
1991-92 "Graffiti". Galerie de Genieloods, Amsterdam- Netherlands
1991 "On Whose Chair are you Sitting? ". Graphics Mantua, Shed Milan- Italy.
1990 "On Whose Chair are you Sitting?". Skanno, Helsinki- Finland
1990 "Operation Shoulder-Power". Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK
1990 "Cult Chair". Sylvia Libedinsky. Art Directions, London UK
1989 "Chairs" (group) show. Crucial Gallery, London UK
1985 "Icon Show" (group show). Mario Flecha Gallery, London UK
1984 "Software" by Marshmallow. Chelsea School of Art, London UK


Forthcoming exhibitions

2006 " A Score Draw". European Commission, London UK
2006 "Summer Dreaming". Group Show. Jaggedart, London UK




Sylvia Libedinsky

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