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Jungle Fever 21 ©Mary Folliet 2010
Jungle Fever 21 (2010) 24 x 32cm
©Mary Folliet 2010
OMF! (2010) 32 x 24cm
©MaryFolliet 2010
Buffalo Grass Green (2010) 21 x 15.5cm
©MaryFolliet 2010
Storehouse (2010) 28 x 36.5cm
Jungle Fever 21 (2010)
24 x 32cm
OMF! (2010)
32 x 24cm
Buffalo Grass Green (2010)
21 x 15.5cm
Storehouse (2010)
28 x 36.5cm
images ©MaryFolliet 2010


Creative Projects
writing coach and arts mentor
340 W. 86 St. NY NY 10024
tel. 212-5954722
e: maryfolliet@gmail.com


photo ©Nicolas Prinet 2010
Mary Folliet, photo ©Nicolas Prinet 2010

Mary Folliet
photo©Nicolas Prinet 2010

After decades of literary and academic life in London, New York and Paris, I began to collage in 2006.

First solo show: Paris 2008 - Le Canton - Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Group shows : New York 2008-2009 at Gallery 225 on 14th Street across from site of Marcel Duchamp's legendary studio.

Now thrilled to be back in Paris at Atelier Jim Haynes at the debut of a new decade.

- Collages commissioned for One Magazine (IamONE.co.uk) 2008
- Collages and sculptures in private collections: Montreuil, New York (Brooklyn and Manhattan) and Paris

Publications include:
- Modern Styles (poems, London, 1975)
- Attempt to Exhaust a Parisian Spot (translation of Georges Perec, US, 2002, 2004)
- Poems, prose and French poetry translations in several periodicals (US, UK and France)

Currently working on a book project: Small Works (haiku and collages), coaching, editing writers and mentoring artists in Paris and New York.




Mary Folliet - Collages - Paris 2010
Atelier Jim Haynes

  1. Buffalo Grass Green, 21 x 15.5cm 2010
  2. Off the Grid, 32 x 24cm 2010
  3. Paris: 67, 69, 72, 32 x 24cm 2010
  4. Jungle Fever 21, 24 x 32cm 2010
  5. OMF! 32 x 24cm 2010
  6. How About You? 35 x 24cm 2010
  7. Storehouse, 28 x 36.5cm 2010
  8. Le Fil, 32 x 24cm 2010
  9. Mimi, 28 x 36.5cm 2010
  10. Paris Metro Quartet, 50 x 40cm 2010
  11. Play Day en ville, 34 x 32cm 2010
  12. Albert Camus Year, 21 x 15.5cm 2010
  13. La Joie de Vivre (coll. John Calder) 2006 (not for sale)


The Ghosts of Utopia
-for Tom Stoppard-
"The theatre is a weapon at least as powerful as any bullet."
Clifford Odets

fate invents love's wit
real travesties teach play
rock on night & day

Reaching Majority
-for JP-
twenty-one is fun
but the best is yet to come
don't forget ever!

Ferris Wheel
"on top of the world, or in the depths of despair"
round & round we go
nowhere yet still ever on
staking sky to ground

Life's Health Club
work hard or work out
fit, fat, fixed, shrunk or bedrid
all paths lead to dead

Moving Toward the Exit
"The ground itself is kind, black butter"
Seamus Heaney

from blog to bog man
a matter of minute beats
hearts & flowers too


Mary Folliet

texts and pictures ©Mary Folliet 2010



Mary Folliet

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