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Ksenia NOVA
Ksenia Nova Untitled III
Ksenia Nova Untitled V
Ksenia Nova Untitled I
I had a dream that I was happy
Ksenia NOVA


photographs ©Ksenia Nova 2007

“Unsettling eroticism in the context of surface beauty” – West 11 magazine

I like cold empty decaying interiors, cinematic and dream-like, resonating with nightmares of being lost and misplaced. I create images of women lost in reverie, caught in muted desire or moments of anguish. The subjects are detached, anonymous, often faceless and somehow incomplete.

For exhibitions, I rip the edges off final prints, cut and slash them, sometimes decorate with lace and ribbons or cover them with gauze.



2006: I Had a Dream That I Was Happy (solo show), West Eleven gallery, London.
         Unquoted (group show), Free Range, London.
2005: Documenting Dance (group show), Crypt gallery, London.
2004: Not For Sale (solo show), Przytulek gallery, Krakow.


Ksenia Nova was born in Russia and lives in London since 1997.

She worked in advertising, TV and journalism, PR and marketing before becoming a professional photographer in 2003.








Ksenia Nova

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