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Arms (Berlin, Manchester) photoŠJDPryce
Arms (Berlin, Manchester),
photo ©JDPryce
Pause (Paris, London), photo ©JDPryce
Pause (Paris, London),
photo ©JDPryce
Red-Rouge (Glasgow, London), photo ©JDPryce
Red-Rouge (Glasgow, London),
photo ©JDPryce
The job (Darby, Leicester), photo ©JDPryce
The Job (Darby, Leicester),
photo ©JDPryce
Arms (Berlin, Manchester)
Pause (Paris, London)
Red Rouge (Glasgow, London)
The Job (Darby, Leicester)
all photographs ©Jonathan D. Pryce
Jonathan Daniel PRYCE


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Scottish street style photographer Jonathan Pryce (Les Garçons de Glasgow, House of Fraser, Ted Baker) has taken 1000's of photographs while traveling throughout Europe. Over time, a conversation emerges through the lens, between people who've never even met.

Paris, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Berlin, New York.


1. Seeing a man wearing a kilt in Glasgow is a rarity, usually withheld to entertainers on Buchanan Street or tourists. This Canadian gentleman was passionate about the history of his ancestors and described in great detail his disgust with the Glaswegian tradition of covering the Duke of Wellington statue with a traffic cone.

2. This summer I photographed the graduate collection of Antonio Guerra on location in London. In the middle of shooting, we spotted red figure making its way towards us. It turned out it was a lady, born and bred in the East End, on her way to get groceries. She was more than willing to have her photograph taken, and told me about her extensive selection of co-ordinating clothes and accessories.


1. On a trip to Berlin in 2010 I met Marc, a student and model living in Mitte. He toured me around his neighbourhood and gave the insiders guide to his city – the best way to see a new place.

2. Stevie became a recognisable face in Glasgow nightlife due to his ever evolving style. Last year he moved to Manchester to study fashion design, so on a trip down we decided to meet. His getup didn't disappoint.



1. This summer I collaborated with British boutique Cruise to document style in cities across the UK. I traveled from Aberdeen to Belfast to Newcastle and photographed nearly 500 people on the way. This photo was an outtake from Derby of a builder on his lunch.

2. This joiner was an authentic cheekie-chappie type: full of charm, energy and chat. Meeting people of varying professions, overwhelmingly I've found people who work with their hands to be the happiest.


1. I've been an admirer of Karl-Edwin Guerre for a while. Not just for his photography but also his distinctive style. Despite the overwhelming heat in this years’ Indian Summer, he still managed to wear a wool blazer with finesse at Paris Fashion Week.

2. The outtakes from fashion shoots are often more interesting than the images that get selected to go to print. This was taken from a shoot for Les Garçons de Glasgow near Shoreditch, East London.



all photographs ©Jonathan Daniel Pryce



Jonathan Daniel Pryce

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