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Handshake Editions

Round the World in 33 Days
a chronicle reported
edited by Jim Haynesr

160 pages, 14 x 10.5 cm
A chronicle reported
(All the characters and events in this story are real and any resemblance to fictitious persons or circumstances is purely coincidental.)

Some people go to Paris to see the Mona Lisa, to Athens to see the Acropolis, to Tokyo to see the Imperial Palace, to London to see the Tower. I travel to participate in the daily lives of others - known and unknown to me, to share time and space with other human beings.

This is the story of one quick trip around the world. Too quick. I would have liked to have stayed the rest of my days in every place I visited.

One throws a pebble in a pond, the waves go out, and one never knows the ramifications. Hence this re-telling of a trip through the many lives touched.

Jim Haynes

re-print in English by Glas, Moscow, 2002
©Handshake Editions, 2002
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