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Handshake Editions

Homage to Henry
A Homage to Henry Miller
edited by Jim Haynes

168 pages, 21 x 15 cm
"Henry Miller didn't need New York. He didn't need a creative writing grant. All he needed was a typewriter and a portable radio, a Jake leg press to get him started, an open letter to all and sundry.

He took it from there. Him and his readers. Him and his readers and his publishers."

Jack Saunders

A collection of essays about Henry Miller edited by Jim Haynes and published by Handshake Editions, Paris in 1980.
Philippe Coupey (writer, Paris), Maurice Girodias (writer, Paris), Jay Martin (writer, Southern Calif.), Joseph Reanick (writer, New York City), Irving Marder (book reviews, Paris), Irving Stettner (poet, writer, and editor of "Stroker'), Arthur Winfield Knight (poet, teacher, editor), Jean O'Brien (Dublin), James Campbell (The New Edinburgh Review), Alfred Perlès (London), Stephen Kessler (writer, Santa Cruz, Calif.), Heinrich-Maria Ledig-Rowohlt (Henry Miller's German publisher), Suzanne Brøgger (writer, Denmark), Marco Vassi (writer, New York City), Seymour Krim (writer), Andrei Amalrik, Ngûyen-Hûu-Hiêu (translated H. Miller into Vietnamese), John Clellon Holmes (writer, Arkansas), Paul Theroux (writer, London), Merritt Clifton (writer, editor, publisher, Richford, Vermont), Jim Haynes (writer, publisher (Handshake Editions), Paris), Barbara Kraft (writer, southern Calif.), Charles Bukowski (poet/writer, Los Angeles), Dorothy J. Perkins (former teacher at Temple and LaSalle College), Harry Springer (editor, Hamburg), Bertrand Mathieu (writer of a biography of H. Miller, professor, New Haven), Erica Jong (writer, Connecticut), Hubert Juin (Paris), Brian Maeda (writer, Calif.), Eric Sarner (poet, translator, Paris), Jess Graf (writer, editor, Colorado), Elaine J. Cohen (poet, singer, Paris), F-J Temple (poet, novelist, translator, France), Sharon Spencer ( novelist, critic, professor at Montclaire State College, New Jersey), Karl Shapiro (writer).
©Handshake Editions, 1980
Two Handshake editions published in the early 80s.
A new edition available in 2005.
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A Homage to Henry Miller


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