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Handshake Editions

Hello I love you!
A collection of Voices Exploring the Sexual Revolution
edited by Jeanne Pasel-Green and Jim Haynes

190 pages, 21 x 13cm

A Collection of Voices
Orchestrated by
Jeanne Pasel-Green and Jim Haynes

"Murder is a crime; describing murder is not. Sex is not a crime. Describing sex is. Why?" Gershon Legman.

"If we were sexually liberated there'd be no president, no police force, no night sticks, no governments." Germaine Greer.

"It's hard to say who's a lover and who's not a lover, because it's like a big family - people come and go and sometimes you make love with your lover and sometimes you don't."
Suzanne Brøgger

Hello, I Love You attempts to put sex in its proper perspective, it is fun, joyful and serious in its message. Its basis is Reichian ; like Reich the contributors believe that if we were not sexually oppressed from birth by our social structure, there would automatically emerge a freer more egalitarian society. The 50 writers that have contributed to the book are aware of their sexual oppression/repression and are actively exploring new ways of relating sexually. Most of the writers agree that we should be able to relate freely sexually as soon as we are physically able and should be encouraged to do so by those around us. There s a Child's Sexual Bill of Rights included, which would seem to be fundamental to any kind of sexual freedom for adults.
/.../ It is a provocative book. I found it challenging in that I would like to have these people's capacity for sexual and emotional exploration. They are exceptionally courageous to put their theories into practice - most of us have enough problems relating to just one other person. The concept of sexual liberation is tempting to contemplate. Would there really be a need for Women's Liberation, Black Liberation or any liberation movement if we had sexual liberation ?
Lynne Hutton-Williams Time Out in London

Hello, I Love You!
Voices from within the Sexual Revolution
First published in 1974 by Jim Haynes under various imprints, Jean Lafitte Editions, Almonde Editions, Handshake Editions, edited by Jeanne Pasle Green and Jim Haynes.
Translated and published in French, German and Italian.
A semi-pirate edition published by Times Change Press in California in 1974.
©1974 by Jeanne Pasel-Green and Jim Haynes
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Hello I love you

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